10 reasons to choose multiple orgasm

What’s pushing us to keep walking on the path that we have undertaken? The firm conviction that what we are doing … IS GOOD FOR US.  On top of that, we enjoy it, and it helps develop ourselves and become better than before!

Which enamored man does not dream of seeing his beloved blossom after they have made love?… And if at all possible, without the coerced expense of most if his vitality. On the contrary, after a real erotic marathon, to actually feel refreshed, full of strength, ready to start over. What a fantasy, the overwhelming mass of the men of this planet would say. And yet … there are few who are actually living what to others seems to be simply a wonderful erotic dream.

What is your choice? Ejaculatory orgasm, or total multiple orgasm?

1. Explosion! Erotic energy is inevitably and definitively wasted, so quickly you almost have no time to blink. 1. Implosion. Amorous energy accumulates in the profound levels of your being, generating unique pleasure experiences, and extraordinary feelings of fascinating richness of great finesse.
2. Short as a sneeze, or a yawn… if you will. What can you bag in? The nostalgia that everything was consumed so quickly. 2. It lasts .. and still lasts … oceanic state of fullness, happiness, joy of living.
3. Only the body matters, and that’s about it. 3. The intense erotic feelings experienced throughout the body are accompanied by profound emotional, mental and spiritual affections.
4. It creates the false impression that everything depends on the other, including your own person 4. The concept of the *other* disappears. Your consciousness merged with that of your beloved, and it’s expanding throughout the universe. The limitations disappear into a state of freedom and ecstatic happiness.
5. The woman is passive, the man is active 5. The woman is active, the man is passive
6. Breathing is fast, uncontrolled, chaotic 6. Breathing is gentle, calm, rhythmic.
7. Reflex act makes you lose control (unconsciousness, animalic and uncontrolled feeling) 7. Completely mastered interaction, that progressively leads to an ecstatic abandon.
8. Extremely limited erotic availability. Sleepiness afterwards, weariness, as well loss of interest for anything, not for your beloved, and not even for yourself. 8. Unlimited erotic availability. Erotic experience of profound intensity can last for eight-ten hours.
9. Movement. A lot of movement 9. Stillness that alternates with slow waves of body movement that the lover’s body joyfully and caringly receives in a synchon of complete harmony.
10. Attachment, selfish desire 10. Detachment. There is a sense of inner peace and lasting happiness, which is bestowed over the beloved being, through tederness and gratitude.


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