A good beginning is half the work, says an old saying.

You want to be sure that your endeavor will be completed successfully? Follow the advice of the wise and start as well as you can, godly well, even. How? Ally yourself with the Force that supports everything in this wonderful universe.

Have you ever felt your soul catch wings? And carried by  these new angelic accessories, you ascend upwards. With a strong feeling that everything around is extraordinary, and distinctly alive. With the certainty that you are endlessly supported by an infinitely loving force that perfectly orders the entire macrocosm. Could it be possible to create this sublime alliance with the Creator of everything Himself, whenever we need it? Yes. Offer to Him, totally and unconditionally, the fruits of everything you intend to do. From all of your heart. In complete humility.

You are thus connected to the highest level of existence. You partake in the mysteries of Creation. You are inspired. Guided. Helped. Perfectly integrated into the universal harmony that embraces you always. In a mysterious way, God Himself then becomes the One who acts in and through your being.

For this inner act of offering, you require no philosophical or metaphysical knowledge. You need not know the psalms, verses or sutras. Just open your heart. Completely.

How is it done?

Either sit in a chair, in a meditation posture, or stand up, your preference. Just mind that your back needs to stay upright.

Close your eyes and aim to relax as deeply as you can your body, emotions and mind. Eliminate as much unnecessary verbalization as possible that makes your mind buzz. It aims to connect you to everything that is good, beautiful, universally valid. Then totally give God the fruits of the action you intend to do. The formulation doesn’t matter. Sincerity, love and humility are important. You can say it the way you want, it’s definitely your gift.

What follows is a suggestion of how to phrase it.

“Good God, Heavenly Father. I am offering you, here and now, totally and unconditionally, the fruits of the action of …
I humbly implore you to receive them and then to make me the vessel of Your manifestation. Your Will be done! Amen.”

What do you do next? You must wait for the answer. Just like any other gift, the fruits of your actions you have offered may or may not be received. If the answer is yes, you will perceive an ecstatic and transcendent flow, which comes from somewhere above your head and then encompasses your whole being. You are instantly projected into a higher state of consciousness. Where everything looks clearer and suddenly becomes much easier to achieve. You are on the vertical of TO BE.

If, however, you feel nothing is possible, the action you would like to take is not the best choice. Maybe it’s not the time, you’re not in the right place, or you may need to review your reasons for doing it.

However, in order to be certain that the absence of the divine response was not caused by the chaotic buzz of your mind, it is good to repeat once or even twice the consecration. If you still do not feel anything, it is wiser to postpone that action for now.

What are the benefits?

If the answer you have received is positive, you are preparing to take an action in which your main ally is the Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. The more you allow it to manifest itself in and through your being, the chances of succeeding it increase exponentially.

All the techniques and methods presented on this site, and particularly the act of making love, with continence, love and transfiguration deserve all the divine support, guidance and patronage. Therefore whenever you intend to do one of the proposed exercises, treat yourself with a divine beginning, offering the Creator all the fruits of your intended action. It’s the most precious gift you can make yourself. You will be convinced by comparing how easy it will be to achieve everything that you do.

How do you make the consecration in two? Sit face to face. You hold hands and close your eyes. Then, with all your sincerity and openness to God, offer our Heavenly Father the fruits of your amorous act that will be realized with continence, full of love, and transfiguration. And if both you and your lover will receive the same positive response, then you only need to keep up, and you will be kept up.


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