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In ancient times only kings and emperors had the privilege to be initiated into the mysteries of sacred transfiguring love making. They knew that sexuality is the gigantic force that underpins the entire creation. Therefore they used it to regenerate their energy, to lead wisely their kingdoms and even to achieve the spiritual enlightenment.

This is not a legend. It is the truth. Science confirms in its latest studies the ancient tantric teachings. The alchemy that transforms the sexual potential into a real treasure of energy becomes now accessible to the modern man.

Sexual continence is a chance for us to reconnect to a source of strength and happiness that transforms our personal destiny and our couple relationship.


Over a hundred people live the experience of the tantric love making. It happens nowadays, they are young and you can find them everywhere in the world. This is not fiction. It is a documentary about couples living dozen of orgasms and make love for hours. All practice a secret method – thousands of years old – that becomes now possible for the modern man: the sexual continence.

The documentary brings the confirmation of eminent scientists of different nationalities. Physicians, biologists, psychologists, sexologists, physicists refute the common view of the fact that an orgasm is necessarily accompanied by ejaculation. Actually, the orgasm and ejaculation are controlled by different nerve centers.

Therefore a man may have as many orgasms without ejaculating.
The film shows various practical methods that help achieving the sexual continence and explains for all those interested or curious the ways in which we can control the erotic energy in order to attain amazing sexual experiences.

Dozens of respondents talk about the complex effects they experience as a result of practicing sexual continence: physical and mental regeneration, an overall health improvement, increased optimism and joy of life, efficiency in everything they do in their day to day life and so on.

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1. A DVD with the movie Sexual Continence (108 minutes)

2. A Bonus DVD (114 minutes), featuring:
✓ Erotic clips that shed light on the refined eroticism, beauty and playful spontaneity of women
✓ States of multiple orgasms in couples
✓ Expression of tenderness during lovemaking with continence
✓ Amazing aural effects that occur during prolonged orgasms

3. One hundred-page brochure containing:
✓ Simple and efficient exercises to master the art of sexual continence
✓ Scientific explanation of the many benefits of sexual continence on the physical, psychic, mental and spiritual level
✓ Extended reading about the processes of transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy


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