Advice to a man in love

Do you want to feel a woman’s true love? Do you want to immerse your heart deep into the mysteries of the Eternal Feminine? Be in love , but do not hurry! Admire her, see the Great Goddess within her, and adore her! Veil her with your love! She will come to you by herself. And then, when she decides to offer herself, savor the moments in when she envelops you in her feminine intimacy. Every moment around her is an delightful fascinating occasion.

Love her but do not think of your own pleasure at all. Increase love with every touch. With infinite caresses, undress her of all of her fears. Read the book of her soul. Drunken yourself with the dizzying scent of the pages that reveal the beauty of her noble soul. Collect all the treasures of the world in the temple of your soul, and offer them to her! So that when she steps in, she will feel nurtured, overwhelmed, reborn!

The hands of a loved woman are always frenzied and yearning. Free them from any toil. But you, you shall not rest. Prolong your kisses and caresses until you lose your breath. Do not let her sleep, even if she begs you. And always kiss that part of her body where she turns her gaze to.

(excerpt from Bilitis)

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