Ajna Chakra – Welcome to The Parallel Subtle Universes

Welcome to the Subtle Parallel Universes

When you come into contact with the Macrocosmic mind, the third eye opens, the eye of the inner vision. Outside the physical body, between the eyebrows; it is named Ajna Chakra.

Herein lays your source of intelligence, mental strength, concentration, focus, synthesis and memorization. Ajna coordinates your physical body, as well as your invisible, subtle bodies. That’s how you can attain clairvoyance, or can even become a genius. Interested? Of course you are. Here your extrasensory perception and your telepathy capacities enhance, her you can learn the control of your mental energies, and the exploration of the parallel universes becomes reality.

An imbalanced Ajna Chakra may lead to splitting headaches, self-deception, nightmares, a low concentration capacity. A poor activation of the yang energy translates into poor memory, lack of discerning power, and even the inability to detect abstract structures.
Ever heard of the proverb:”Whatever’s been written out for you lays on your forehead?” The proverb doesn’t speak about fatality, as you may believe it does, but about the power of Ajna Chakra to transform your destiny from the bottom up. Because you are what you think…

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