Anahata Chakra – Love Lifts You Up Where You Belong

We have now reached somewhere next to the cardiac plexus. What can we read on the interface between the lower charkas and the uppers charkas?
Anahata. The silky, moist-eyed deer, tender and compassionate is the master of this level. For it is here that love is fuelled, as is the universal compassion, empathy and selflessness. Emotions and feelings full of affection for the others are often like a river of euphoric energy gushing out of your heart. Now you experience the affective overflow and expansion outside your own body, now you can feel yourself completely melting into the beloved one when you make love. It is now that your lips utter something like:” I gave him my heart”, “my heart is with her”, or “I love from the bottom of my heart.”

At the level of Anahata Chakra you discover what love towards others is worth, here you experience the joy of giving. Devotion and love for God are experienced profoundly by those, whose Anahata Chakra is in full bloom, and at the same time supported by the awakening of Sahashrara.

Anahata is the hub of resonance with the subtle energies of the Air; the tactile sense and the gentle touch is controlled from here. This chakra is the master of the soul-to-soul relationship. It is the great initiatress in the art of loving. Empathy helps you break out of the confines of your primary egoism. Unleashing your powers of self-giving and compassion, are the major step towards a higher level of consciousness. If you neglect this stage, you risk shipwrecking on the island where your sole companions are co-dependency, affective instability and attachment. Yes, to love begins with you, with self-acceptance, with coming to terms with yourself.

Who appears to be gaining ground when Anahata is imbalanced?
Despondency. And despondency is just one step away from a turned-into-stone heart, all the more so as the feeling of isolation creeps in, together with alienation, a low level of self-esteem, lack of empathy and love. Thank God there are specific techniques that can make your heart sing!

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