For men? Really?

Do you want to finally eliminate of all your relationship failures, insatisfactions? To be free from the tyranny of your own unreasonable expectations of women? Who wouldn’t? Well, even if at first sight it might strike as a utopia, reality surprises with the opposite.

What do you need to do? Deepen into an ever stronger relationship with a soul archetype within yourself – the ideal woman to which you have always aspired as a man. This essential part of your soul, has materialized its graceful response over the years, through all of the women that you have loved. Every time you recognized a certain part of your soul’s  archetype, in a woman, you fell in love with her. Intimate union with this essential part of your soul will always fill you with love, and a state of fulfillment that will no longer depend on any external factor. And this will radically change your romantic relationship. You will not be concerned with what you receive, but with what you give. In this way you will release your lover from all the chains of your expectations, thus giving her complete freedom to love you for what you really are.


Now that you know what this soul archetype of yours is supposed to do, all that is left is to deepen your connection with it, with this simple exercise:

Sit on a chair, or in a meditation posture. Close your eyes. In a state of profound aspiration, love and humility, offer to God, totally and unconditionally, all the fruits of this exercise that helps you unite with your soul archetype. If you feel like a stream of light embraces you from head to foot and encompasses you with a feeling of strength, trust and love, then you can be sure God will sustain you, inspire you and manifest through your being.

Gradually enter a state of awareness, and then relax as well as possible, every part of your body, from the bottom up, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head. As soon as you feel the pleasant relaxation sensation in your body, focus your attention on breathing. Do not modify the rhythm or the intensity in any way. As you inhale, experience being filled by a revitalized, fresh energy, then exhale and all tension, anxiety, and stress are removed. Physical relaxation is now expanding at the psychic level as well. Gradually, a state of peace and serenity is set in your being.

Now turn your attention to your chest area. Visualise in the center of your heart a wonderful lotus flower with white, immaculate petals. When you inhale these petals are opening deeper and deeper, then slowly closing, when you exhale. The lotus of your heart blooms and becomes richer with every breath, waves of affection now fill your heart.

In the next step, you notice in the very center of your lotus a feminine being of almost unearthly beauty. Look at her thoroughly. She’s exactly the way you want – the woman of your dreams. Enjoy her wonderful qualities that you perceive more and more intensely, as you look at her. She is your perfect other half, and that is why she complements you perfectly. Your every desire is revealed in front of your inner eyes. With every new inhale you feel that she envelops you more and more with her overwhelming femininity. At the exhale, the petals of the lotus hide her, then open again with the next inhale, revealing her more beautiful and fascinating than before. Surrender yourself to her profound love. Let yourself be flooded with the adoration that you spontaneously feel for her.

Visualize yourself now starting to make love with this ravishing female entity, right in the center of the wonderful lotus in your heart. Her overwhelming sensuousness floods you with waves of elevated pleasure. The joy of being with her has no limits. With every breath you feel more and more connected to her. And the deeper your union is, the higher your love and happiness grows in yourself. You have everything you wanted. You are complete. Replenished with strength, balance and profound peace.

Maintain this state as long as you want. When you return, remember to be grateful to God with all of your heart, for the endless grace that He has bestowed upon you throughout this extraordinary inner journey.

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