The first big surprise? Orgasm and ejaculation were born the same day but not at the same hour. There is a time span that separates them. Orgasm precedes ejaculation; admittedly… just a fraction of a second, but that’s the way it is. The most intense excitement, the greatest pleasure occurs just before semen discharge.
How do you enjoy the orgasm, but avoid the ejaculatory reflex?
There is a key moment in the process. Experts called it the non-return point. An extremely fine border between the steep climb to the peak of pleasure, and the vertiginous descent during the explosive discharge. Surely you want to identify the crossing moment between orgasm and ejaculation. Set yourself up with some willpower, patience and especially AWARENESS. Especially awareness will immensely help you maintain and even increase this elusive frontier. How do you know you’ve succeeded? When it is no longer necessary to believe my word, and your own experience will convince you. The two phenomena are indeed separate.
You make love. The pleasure starts to increases exponentially. You’re fast approaching the peak of ecstasy. You feel so good you forget everything, including yourself. As for controlling your sexual area, it’s the last thing in your mind. You are a god, and you are carefree. You experience an orgasm. Unfortunately, your immortal condition lasts for just split seconds. You have crossed the non-return point and ejaculation is imminent.
One split second orgasm. Not very satisfying.

So, do you want multiple orgasms?

The solution is but one. Increase the distance between the non-return point and the orgasmic experience. How? Awareness. Because it’s AWARENESS that’s the basic ingredient of your success in conquering multiple orgasms. But if you were not raised by Buddhist monks till you were 20, nor were you left in a cave, contemplating nothing but the tip of your nose, you might not be proficient at exercising your awareness at will.
It’s not as hard as it seems on a first glance. AWARENESS is an ability that you can develop as much as you like, and in lovemaking it is as important as salt in dishes. A little awareness can transform a tasteless sexual act into a delightful erotic experience. You will have the ability to become increasingly aware of every detail in your lovemaking experience, from your body’s reactions, to the most refined states of consciousness. Like looking at everything through a … LENS.
What else would you need to do to succeed in your brave endeavor, to become the happy owner of many multiple orgasms during love making… in the next week’s article.


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