To love with all of your heart.

That takes some  courage. Why courage? You can only achieve such a feat if you manage to let go of your precious ego. And this is not the easiest thing in the world at all.

Just the mere attempt of renouncing your individuality awakens terrible fears within. That you’re about to be annihilated. Completely. PAINFUL.

On the other hand, it is quite natural for you to feel this way, if you have never known anything outside your *invaluable ego*, that is abundantly nourished with so many slices of life.

Kabir said: I look around and only see fearful people. And I wonder why, because they really have nothing to lose. They’re bare-skin naked, but they never jump into the river, for fear they have no place to dry their clothes. We long for love, but we cling to the illusory clothing of the ego, the prejudices, and programming induced by society.

It’s true, it is not easy to adhere to the ideals of love, when all the media tries to convince you in every conceivable way that everyone is a potential enemy. Moreover, it also offers you solutions to become invulnerable to potential suffering. Be COOL! Unsympathetic to all and everything. Not even the slightest feeling shall disturb your ocean of indifference.

How do you know this is not the solution? From your super boring life in which everything is fad, and lacking of meaning for the soul.

Do you want to be rid of suffering by all means? The solution is not to be cool, but to love with all of your being. It’s been proven by virtually all the great mystics of this planet and more. It’s not as complex as it may seem at first glance.

Where do you start?

At first become aware of where and how the feeling of love is born. It is important to note how it arises, and not necessarily in whose presence it does. You will be astonished to see that love arises from within your being. What sparks it up? The purest and the holiest part of your soul. If you are a man, it embodies the feminine ideal for you, and if we talk about women then we refer to their masculine ideal.

To this higher sphere we always aim our aspirations and our most beautiful thoughts. In this wonderful part of our soul, love exists in fullness, because it’s nourished from the endless Godly abundance from where it actually springs. Most of the time it remains there, unrevealed by anyone. It surfaces in those privileged moments when we meet the woman or the man who to a certain extent resembles the sublime ideal within ourselves. That’s the magic moment when we fall in love. It is the Grace of the Almighty who calls us to awaken our godliness.

What if you’re not lucky enough to experience such graceful moments of falling in love? Procure them yourself, by descending carefully, and unfathomably delicate, within the depths of your soul. Your inner woman/man is just waiting to be discovered, she/he can flood your entire being with her/his unending love.

Once you understand that love does not depend on the object, being in fact a glow of your own soul, you will become much more free. And then your soul will become brighter, stronger, and greater. The need to demand transforms into a desire to give, because love is inside yourself, always amplified by all the love you have given, are giving, or will be giving. The wider the wings of your love are, the greater the heaven of your being becomes.

Love should be like breathing. A precious quality that exists and manifests wherever you are. No matter where you are, even when you are alone, let it flow freely into and through your being. It will then be like a halo that will surround you and then spread everywhere.


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