How to Enhance The Couple’s Sexual Vitality

Do you want to enhance the couple’s erotic energy? With your fingers, press the point under the navel. Then massage each other’s area between the buttocks, at the lower end of the sacrum.
Continue with the area placed halfway between the anus and the sex, with circular, slightly pressing movements.

The effects are spectacular. Can you feel the erotic effervescence and the enhancement of your sexual vitality? As your fingers move upwards along the body, they meet the nipples that you can arouse by caressing them, then there’s the chest, you massage with the same effects, in the central region, and then there’s the thyroid gland. Press the neck firmly with your thumb, and that is sure to trigger a very strong erotic response on the part of the woman.
You want to draw that to a close? Press the back of the neck, actually the instep at the base of the skull –Medulla oblongata. Use your thumbs, or make rotating movements with your middle fingers, to energize the whole body. That will do both of you much good.

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