How do we thoroughly enjoy a symphony of senses

The tantric tradition of amorous continence is offering a large variety of practical ways to make tastes, scents, sounds and caresses reveal universes of savory sensations.
The key to enter these electrifying paradises? Awareness and presence. To experience most intensely every perception. To merge with the sensation. Without allowing the mind to compare, to analyze, to speak. Generously offer each other pleasure. We deserve it, we are entitled to it.. Combining the sensations received through our senses, we hastily advance to a higher level of erotic fulfillment.


How to unlock our sense of taste?

By offering ourselves a sultans desert.
Cream with honey, banana, strawberry, plentifully powdered with cinnamon and cardamom? Let’s allow ourselves to be imbued by the sweetness of fruit, the flavor of spices that we taste full of enchantment, straight from our lover’s skin. Delighting ourselves with each other’s lips, tongue, and kisses, we immerse together in an orgasm of taste.

How to unlock our vision?

Uncovering the details of your beloved’s body.
Contemplate your partner, to really know him/her. We absorb each other with our eyes. Our visual connection amplifies the passion. We look deep in the eyes while we caress. A trance-like state, and simultaneous fascination, little by little takes over us. Our energies awaken, as our mind turns quiet.

How do caresses rejoice us?

Experiencing every touch, feeling the soft silky texture of the skin.
Allow your fingers to freely roam the most intimate places of your loved one. Your touches must take her/him by surprise. Passionate or delicate caresses, full of tenderness, or barely stroking, make our finger and palms startle. The sweetness of your lover’s skin, transports us to a silky universe, privileged kingdom of love.

How to uncover the savor of sound?

Hearing, listening, becoming aware of the sensual inflections in your lover’s voice, as well as in your own.
Voluptuous sighs, passionate moans, whispers overwhelmed with pleasure, or simply the orgasm intoxicated breath, are all harmonies the open new horizons of erotic connection, and contact between our souls.
O world of relishes awaits us. On one condition. To boldly open ourselves to the infinite sensations offered by our senses of smell, taste, vision, touch and hearing. The intensity of these experiences are crushing the barriers of our contained sensuality.

We are connecting deeper and deeper to ourselves. This unlocking brings us rich emotions, and life becomes more and more extraordinary. We are closer and closer to our true self. Fully exposed to our 5 senses, we feel our hearts ready to merge into one.

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