I have erections, therefore I am

I have erections, therefore I am

I have erection, therefore I am

Erection – how it goes

Most men consider that erection is only biphasic: ON or OFF. In other words: either it’s there, or … noticeably absent. However, the ages old practice of amorous continence has led both tantric and taoist initiates to this conclusion: erection is a dynamic process that manifests itself through four distinct phases:

  • – first the lingam begins to move and becomes erect.
  • – secondly it gets firm but it’s still not strong enough to penetrate (unless you decide to apply the soft penetration technique).
  • – third, the lingam becomes strong and erect, and in the fourth it gets hotter, while the testicles enter the body.
  • – fourth, ejaculation is now almost imminent. If you want to avoid it all you have to do is maintain in the third phase, steadily climbing the sexual energy up the spine, and aiming to relax  the entire pelvic area as profoundly as possible (see the methods…)

Am I really a man? Fantasy of hyper-virility

Returning to the magical process of erection, how about you come clean and admit that, like most men, you evaluate yourself according to the activity or non-activity of your virile member. If it is most often tough and erect, and attractive women are simply swooning at its sight, there is no doubt: YOU EXIST AS A MAN! Otherwise, the situation is DISASTER because you are nothing.

As you (normally) can’t have an erection at will, and you do not have Tarzan’s six pack of muscles, you find yourself wondering: “am I really a man”? Do I fit to current norm? Are my physical and psychological qualities really sufficient?

From here, until the next anxiety, there is only one infinitesimal step. You’re actually worried about the size of your lingam. And even though all the sexologist women went over the top to try to get it in your head, it is not the size that matters, you still can’t help it. Have you noticed that women never worry about the size of their yoni?

In fact, you want a sexual organ at least slightly above the average size. You also want extra muscles, more hair on your chest and if possible a deeper voice. That’s how you think you can accomplish your dream of being a super-potent man.

It is true that this attitude of yours is a confirmation of the evolutionary instinctual tendency, present in the genes of all the male representatives, whether human or non-human. Just be careful that this self-selection, natural in its own way, does not turn into a completely unnatural anxiety. Surely you do not want get consumed like Don Juan over how many amorous acts 24 hours allow. And you definitely do not want for yourself to masturbate while watching porn, just so that you can later blame and unnecessarily devalue yourself.

Just relax

Turn your senses into common sense! It is obvious that between the ideal of the super virile hero and the reality the gap is as wide as from heavens to earth, so there is no benefit in bothering with that.

Do you want to overcome this anxiety? Nothing easier: relax and accept yourself exactly as you are. Learn to feel good in your own skin. Enjoy every moment of everything life has to offer. You just need to start paying attention and discover a universe eager to bring you joy. Receive what life is giving you. To receive, is first and foremost to stop your restless obsession for performance, because that will make the fantasy of super-virility haunt you again. It’s not simple, but it’s the beginning that allows you to get out of the stumbling block of negative thoughts and meaningless anxieties.


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