Erotic Art – An Introduction

We are living in an age of speed. Bedazzled in the social carousel we hardly ever know what we really want. Our social obligations seem to multiply like mushrooms after the summer rain. In this mad rush who can actually afford the luxury to rejoice, to contemplate, to enjoy, or to leisurely make love?

Specialized studies show that over 80% of the Earth population fails to make love because of the lack of time and proper mood. Most couple’s bedroom desire comes down to falling asleep as soon as possible. Nothing else!

Still, there are solutions that can actually transform over night this not quite happy reality. Instead of falling asleep like a log in a matter of seconds, choose to be willing to make love.

You heard it… LOVE! To feel once more the sweet desire that sets your blood on fire. To want to plunge in the ecstatic inner universe of the loved one. To live as one the ecstasy of erotic and emotional fulfillment.

Don’t let your imagination run wild towards the latest pornographic productions. We are talking about something completely different. As you will see, it is a different reality, a heavenly one. Because we are not talking about instinctual sex here, but about the intoxicating passion, born out of the impetuously sensual aspiration, out of the sublime impulse of the pure eros, which both makes you happy and deifies you. How so? Through orgasms like you have never experienced before.

Is it perfectly possible? Yes! With the help of the initiating erotic art! How was it created, and how a mere painting that is hanging over our bed can revolutionize our amorous life? We’ll see soon in a future article.

Until then, here’s a sample of what we are talking about.


It is an original imaginative painting, that was created using an spiritually initiated artistic process. Using this special technique the painting was impregnated with spiritual subtle energies that can be easily perceived by one contemplating it.

The Baldachin

The Baldachin

We can say it’s a sui generis modern talisman (charm). When you know how to contemplate it, experiences of refined sensuality, pure erotic desire, emotional impulse, the sublime state of transfiguration…and many more awaken in the viewer.

The painting represents a very beautiful woman who offers herself full of adoration to her beloved one. The states of delight, focus, and at the same time abandonment to the guidance of the beloved woman. These are just a few of the states the man in this painting is intensely experiencing. The amorous union of the two lovers is unfolding itself in a large baldachin (canopy) decorated with pillows, veils and beautiful ingrained materials, each element having a specific symbolic meaning that is intended to help you immerse in the erotic mood of the painting. Look with your heart, and you will feel that the eyes of the two lovers express a significant state of amorous magic, refinement of soul and delicious intimacy.

The painting of 80 cm x 60 cm is printed and painted in acrylic colors on a canvas chassis.

This wonderful painting is not the only one we offer. Soon we’ll open for you an online shop with spiritually initiated erotic paintings that are meant to help you awaken, refine and amplify your state of sensuality, to help you rejoice an erotic life like you have always desired, so stay tuned.


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