How do you convince a woman to make love? You give her some good reasons. How do you convince a man? It is not necessary! Just give him a place.

While most men long for the porn movies female characters, completely devoid of emotional size, but willing to have wild sex anytime, anywhere and with anyone, from plumbers and drivers to pizza delivery boys, women need heroes who necessarily need to have intelligence and ability to judge a situation. And yes, it is true that to make the party complete, he must be handsome, tall, loving and have a good sense of humor. It is not, however, compulsory for him to be a sui generis sex machine.

The takeaway of this is? What excites the masculine has no effect on the feminine. Unlike the man who feels sexual arousal predominantly in the lingam area, the woman experiences the state of amorous excitement not only in the yoni but in her whole body. This is the reason why there is talk in the current language about eroticism when it comes to women, and pornography as far as men are concerned. Here is the explanation: as long as the testosterone release is abundant enough, the male brain suddenly becomes focused on a single concern: the sexual arousal that is pursued with tenacious determination, and without hesitation, unabated by any other thought or parasite idea.

So what do women want when it comes to pleasure?

It’s not the climax, how most men are inclined to believe. This is the feminine arousal phase, a phase that the masculine crowd almost completely ignores.

Though arousal mechanisms are still clouded in rather thick fog, neurologists have nevertheless managed to reach some interesting conclusions regarding the sexual and the erotic arousal. While the former is characteristic of men, the latter is predominant to women.

How does female erotic arousal display? Just like when you want to take a shower. It takes a while, when you let the water run, until it reaches the desired temperature. Don’t have enough patience to arouse your loved woman long and thoroughly? Expect then, that when you think she has an orgasm, she might just be successfully faking it.

If this uncertainty displeases you (does she have an orgasm or just fakes one) then it’s time to take the bull of your sexuality by the horns. What do you need? Patience, tenderness, empathy. Are you making love to her? Then sync your own rhythm to hers. Make her body bloom in pleasure under your delicate touches. Do not rush. The slower the caresses you offer, the more intense the sensations she perceives. Learn to truly appreciate the body that she, your beloved, offers to you. Your fingers become the ambassadors of the part you want to awaken with your sensual touches. Taste with your lips, savor with your tongue, and replenish elevated eroticism in the part of the body that you have chosen to adore this way. A shining rainbow of erotic savory will then also wake up within yourself. Be the artist, the musician, the dancer, the poet, and eventually the god of this paradise: the beloved body that is generously offered to you. But especially find happiness in the enthusiasm of your encounter, in the intensity of pleasure, in the undying erotic impetus, and in the joy of living the present moment.


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