“Their love merged and grew along with the impetus aroused out of pure eros. They flew along with the angels, and loved along with the gods. The two of them had become one, and they were now in heavenly union with the One, the Beloved.”

This love story is forever renewed and enriched ever since the beginning of time, with each and every he and she. Why’s that? Only the Absolute and Eternal One knows that mystery, for He and He alone is the One Creator of all, and everything that is, has been and will be. And how was the universe created? Out of love to Himself. The source of the whole cortege of worlds and realities, as well as the cause of everything that stems from the One and Only, that is what the divine eros is.

Big paragraph right there (you might have had a let me read that again moment just now), in an archetypal, cosmogonic definition. That’s because this concept really is essential. But returning to the microcosm…

How is the eros expressed in human beings?

For the ancient Greeks, Eros is the image of the sublime aspiration, the euphoric and mysterious drive which, when it engulfs us, makes us fall in love. Long before, in Vedic India, we discover the same bow and the same miraculous arrows meant to fill the hearts with the charm of divine love. Their owner? Kamadeva, the much older Hindu version of Eros. Incidentally, the Sanskrit term Kama defines sublime erotic pleasure.

However you name it, Eros, Cupid or Kamadeva, all these names, in fact, designate a subtle energy of divine origin. It is common throughout the ages when humanity wanted to approach a certain divine aspect, whose manifestations and potentiality appeared to be limitless, that people framed and defined that aspect according to the perceptual power available at that time. Who would have understood several thousand years ago that Eros or Kamadeva are actually a macrocosmic energy, when this concept did not even exist?

Before getting practical, let’s clarify one thing. Small … but essential!

To know with our mind, our soul and our body what the pure eros is, it’s good to know especially what the pure eros is not. We should never confuse it with the sexual energy! Again, this is essential.

How do you make yourself do that? Remember the romances of your early adolescence, when you were deeply in love, admiring and yearning… from afar, for that ravishing girl. Who has not at least once in their lifetime experienced the tribulations of the platonic love? Romance! Purity! Beauty! The eros? Right at home! Sexual interaction? Missing!

Platonic philosophers used this form of love to avoid that the pure erotic energy of divine nature would be tainted with the instinctual sexual energy. The Platonic love was later adopted by the great lovers of the Middle Ages: the troubadours and trouvères. They often devoted their whole life to worshiping a single woman, with whom they would never have sex.

The fundamental tradition of Hindu wisdom makes a clear distinction between the sublime subtle energy of the pure eros ‒ Kama, and the subtle sexual energy ‒ Shukla (which in the Sanskrit language also defines the sperm that is lost through ejaculation).

For us, however, today’s Westerners, the difference between sex and eros is still a mystery, which no dictionary has been able to decipher. Due to lack of experience, authors put sex and eros in the same pot. It’s like saying sugar is the same with honey. While sugar is harmful and causes biochemical addiction, honey, on top of having a wonderful taste, is also a precious remedy for our health.

The path of the pure eros is based on a greatly enriched vision of love. The common sexual intercourse of man and woman becomes a euphoric union of opposites. A celebration of life, a sacred ritual. Plus and minus, yang and yin, solar and lunar merge into an ecstatic dance. And the result of their sublime union is something new, superior, non-dual, that does not exclude the sources from which it comes, but incorporates them in a perfect manner.

What, then, is the Eros? A sublime divine energy. Sensual aspiration. Impetus of self-knowledge.

Why is it useful to us? It helps us experience the pleasures of paradisiac amorous pleasures. It fulfills us, brings happiness, and even deifies our beings.

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