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Here you can find out what our lovers think, what they want, what exactly turns them into rapturous lovers.  Do you want to have a better communication with the male universe? You can communicate with it only if you can understand it. You can understand it only if you get to know it. This is a world craving for you, this is a world that awaits you, and this is an inviting world. Welcome aboard!

You’re driving in high speed on the motorway. The adrenaline goes up, you feel free and happy. Here we have the first turn: the orgasm…what are you going to do about it? Do you step on the acceleration? The risk is too high, and you may end up in the ditch. So you slow down, take the turn extremely carefully, and continue your ride. Do you love strong sensations? Perfect. Accelerate again and enjoy the speed until the next turn.
The orgasm is a dangerous turn. You need to go trough it extremely carefully, and be able to see it is not the end of the journey, but only a point along the trail of lucid elation.

More, more voluptuously, more intensely
You have found out already that orgasm is not akin to ejaculation. It is true they really resemble each other, so much so that you can take one for the other. They were baptized with the same name, yet they are different from one another. One has a psychological root, whilst the other one has a purely physical nature. Let’s be honest, ejaculation is a poor replica of the pleasure you actually deserve, the intense, complete pleasure that can penetrate as deep as the cells of your body and soul. A few contractions, and all the frenzy has gone away. The states of happiness you live during the lightning orgasm are just words written on the sand at the seashore. Hardly did you see those words, when the waves wiped them away.
If you want more, if you want something better, more voluptuously, that is possible! How? Your guess is right. Using the fastest and surest way to get results…. It’s all about practice. The Tantric practice of sexual continence.

Contemplate your breathing
See that? When you make love, your breathing rhythm accelerates more and more, but in the moment of orgasm, the breathing, as well as the mind is brought to a standstill. Then everything stops. It is the moment when the whole universe pours a drop of ecstasy in our hearts.
This is one of the great secrets of sexuality. It is one of the secrets that can utterly change you erotic life. And it’s well worth using it. So what is that you’ve got to do? Follow your breathing during lovemaking. Firmly and constantly concentrate your mind on your breathing, until it reaches a very deep and slow pace. You’re now relaxed contemplating your breathing. That’s how you will get to control a basically uncontrollable process, triggered by the brain’s parasympathetic system, that’s how you can bridle and saddle the whim of the ejaculation.

Don’t forget! During lovemaking it is better for you to breathe deeply, rhythmically, slowly, usually through the nose. You gradually slow down each breath. Easy does it! Your breathing is getting slower, and longer. So slow and so deep that you can no longer feel the air through your nostrils.
Strongly press the tip of your tongue against the palate, and concentrate on the area in the middle of your forehead, visualizing the energy that ascends continuously. You have the feeling you no longer breathe. Absorb the energy through all your pores, or the Chi, as the Taoists called it. If both of you can keep that breathing rhythm during love making, the control of the sexual fluids occurs just as naturally. Both of you will notice the sensation have anew flavor, are more intense, and dilate all over your body. The mind-controlled breathing stability drastically reduces the effervescence of the sperm. NO more involuntary ejaculation, no more waste of erotic potential.

Stand perfectly still
Here is another very simple method, and one with spectacular results. While you make love, stop for a minute. Try to become more aware of your breathing, which will then calm down as if by magic, allowing you to taste the euphoric state of stillness and silence. These spontaneous and thunderbolt moments will stop the usual flow of time. The mind’s tendency to be agitated is thus annihilated. And the control over the sexual potential is a lot handier. In the beginning, such stopping bouts need to be short; make sure you repeat them 10 to 20 times during lovemaking. If you practice them constantly, you will be able to rein in the tremendous amount of sexual energy, at once enjoying its huge effervescence.

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