It laughs, it cries, it sighs, it trembles, it kneels in difficult times, it rises through prayer. It vibrates like a musical instrument. It’s the body of your beloved. Getting to know the map of her sensitive strings is the first step. The second is when you start learning how to touch it. In a deep contemplative state. With love. With transfiguration. Your heart follows your caress. Your fingers carry within the light of all of your love. It’s a kiss of the bodies. A dance of delicate sensations, tender energies and intoxicating feelings. In the rhythm of a deep silence. A celebration in body and spirit that needs your full attention. This is the tantric massage.

You need to create the atmosphere and the inner disposition, necessary for such a unique experience. Hold your girlfriend with both of your hands and offer with love, the fruit of this special moment, to God. The enlightened feeling of your whole being, the state of love, support, inspiration and protection that accompanies this inner act, is a sure sign that your intentions have received the blessing from above. The affirmative answer is more than necessary.

Now relax as best you can. From bottom up, gradually each muscle group. Take your time. This moment has its own importance. After a few minutes you will feel as you immerse deeper and deeper within yourself. The attitude you take when you step into the world of sensorial is the one which will also give you access to the invisible realms. Totally relaxed, but hyperaware. A strong awareness of all and everything: body, sensations, feelings, thoughts. Interiorization is increasing. What is not seen with the physical eyes but exists, is becoming increasingly palpable. It’s the energy.

The first phase has a particular significance, especially for you, the one who offers caresses, the performer of the tantric massage. It’s time to activate your consciousness in a very special way. Alertness to the subtle and beyond. Become as aware of every touch as possible, aim to empathically perceive the sensory impression and the energetic effect that this touch has on your girlfriend. And yes, you’re right. In order to succeed you need an overdose of empathy. It seems difficult when you only read, but in practice it is not. The mere fact that you are deeply in love, makes all your experiences already closely connected. In order to perceive what she is feeling, you just have to stay focused. The rest will come naturally.

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