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So far you have been accustomed to only receiving your physical body’s reactions to external stimuli. You have partially or totally ignored the answers of the other subtle structures that correspond to energies, emotions, thoughts and spiritual experiences. And yet, any outside influence, has internal echoes. It is the creative principle through which the whole universe revolves. Everything is resonance. Everything is energy. A universal law that has been affirmed for thousands and thousands of years by yogis, Tantric and Taoist practitioners. A cosmic principle to which Einstein conferred a scientific validation, a fact that is very important, because he managed to convince mankind of its truthfulness and immutability. As for you, enjoy the opportunity to fully experience the benefits of this fundamental truth right now, together with your lover.

What would you need to do in this regard? Pay attention, increasingly attentive to the almost evanescent ethereal sensations that accompany the physical ones caused by touch. Make a first gesture. A touch. Slowly. Gently press the big toe of the left foot, and then stop. Exercise awareness of the effects both of you: touch, physical sensation – and subtle energetic echo. Repeat this sequence several times so you can learn the mechanism as well as possible.

Use slow movements. Light touches. Translating physical sensations into energetic states requires incessant attention. Patience. Transfiguration. Some moments of pause are also welcome. Awareness deepens and experiences amplify. Change your position only if necessary. Keep a constant awareness of both your own body and the area you are massaging. Avoid hasty gestures. Be perfectly aware of every tactile pressure you make. With time and persevering practice, you will be able to further develop this ability to perceive the energy corresponding to each touch.

And there’s one more thing you can do, something that is a bit more advanced. Amplify the subtle effects generated by each tactile gesture, by completely immersing yourself in them. Let yourself be soaked by each vibration until you feel it engulfing you. An extremely pleasant sensation. Like an orgasm. Of course, for your lover it will be much easier to follow these steps, she being the direct beneficiary of all of your touches. But that does not mean that you are excluded from this wonderful energy shower. Enjoy the pleasure she intensely experiences, and the results will also appear in your being in a blink.

What you are doing now is much more than just a massage. It is a profound encounter at the border between the seen and the unseen, between the physical and the subtle. An embrace of two bodies and two souls who love each other.


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