What you were born, and how you should rather be

Here’s a situation that, more than likely, seems completely out of touch with reality. A super-woman, very sexy, is willing to make love with you right now. You, instead of rushing into it, as you were accustomed to, i.e. not trading the bird in your hand for the two on the fence, imagine you begin carefully assessing the situation. Gee, Lord, it is worth the excitement? When in reality you know your virile member is more than ready to do its job.

Believe it or not, but for women this assessment is something that is quite common. Not trace of amorous excitement until she perfectly evaluates the situation in front of her. A feast women are able to accomplish with amazing speed. One glance is enough to see if the man in front of her is able to awaken her erotism. How is that performance possible? The latest neurological findings claim, the female brain turns out to be the most complex set of neural operations on the earth.

The instinctual factor

How men and women approach the situation is as different as heaven and earth. So we should not be surprised that researchers in the field of intimate relationships, have discovered the same major behavioral differences between the two sexes. The male behavior is eminently sexual, being coordinated by the subconscious, instinctual sphere of being. It is responsible for reproduction, and manifests in stages of: sexual arousal, orgasm, ejaculation and latency. For the vast majority of men, the most exciting stimulus is women in porn movies that pant, jam, scream, and even faint of pleasure.

(read here find out more about the erotic differences between women and men)

At the opposite pole, female behavior is affective-erotic. Predominant are: strongly erotic sensuality, joy, relaxation, and affective fulfillment. The main purpose of this type of behavior is to amplify the state of happiness of the beloved being. By far, not ejaculation. Its material substrate is oxytocin secretion.

While the energy source of reproductive behavior is limited and inferior in nature, on the contrary, the energetic foundation of affective erotic behavior is endless, as it is the purely divine eros.

There’s a way

And yes, you are perfectly right, it is difficult for a man to make a difference between sexual experiences and wonderful erotic feelings. You have not even begun to make love that you are, because you were born this way, already connected to sexual energy. And from here until ejaculation, you’ve only got minutes.

Like it or not, to be successful in connecting with the pure eros, you have to engage in a fierce battle with instincts.

How do you start? Forfeit the main goal: PENETRATION. You could say it’s not a big deal. And yet it’s an invaluable gift, because then you can make love without waiting for anything in return. Her happiness and not yours will be your focus. The transition from sexual behavior to affectional erotic behavior will then be made almost by itself.

When he is full of desire but without the intention to possess, the man becomes a mirror in which the woman can contemplate her own beauty. It’s an emotion that comes close to the mystic zeal and fervor. You’re not making love anymore. You are rising to paradise, the place where any differences are abolished. The lover’s body becomes a palace of light, the eyes become cosmic spaces, the yoni a treasure trove, and the lingam a fiery consciousness.


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