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Sexual Training Techniques for Men

We all want to become perfect lovers, don’t we? Instead of screeching our teeth because of a misfire, we’d better make some muscle contractions. It’s not about our biceps, but about our anal sphincters. Make sure you contract those muscles during lovemaking, but also for the rest of your time. In the beginning practice several times a day, and make 30 short contractions at a time.  In time, you will be able to make these contractions longer and longer. You shouldn’t be surprised if one day you will be able to make 30 minutes of contractions in one swoop.
Were you Wearing T-shirts with muscles so far? It’s about time you wore panties with muscles. The contraction of your anal sphincters enhances your vitality a lot. And that is not the only surprise: such a technique triggers a series of subtle energetic phenomena that will improve your self-control significantly.

Now here’s a secret so far only disclosed to the Chinese emperors. Pressing with your index a point located behind your testicles actually blocks the channel leading the sperm to the penis. It’s as if your feet pressed firmly a hose through which water is running. It’s simple, but it’s just as efficient.  While pressing the magical spot, exhale strongly, until you empty your lungs, and hold your breath for about 15-20 seconds. You’d better take your mind off pleasure those seconds. When the danger’s over, you can ease the pressure of your finger. That vital point( marma) is located between the anus and the sex, and corresponds to the energy meridian conception vessel, in Chinese acupuncture. Here there is a muscular glove whose repeated contraction itself can block the seminal loss. The manually-performed or contraction-based pressure enhances the controlled pleasure, as here lies the projection of the prostate, similar in terms of sensitivity to the women’s G-sport. The external pressure technique of this point is a time-tested contraception method. Western medicine also terms it Coitus reservatus.

For the premature ejaculation (but what’s premature these days, anyway?) a friend indeed is the squeeze technique. The word comes from English, meaning to press, to hold firmly. The method used to be widespread in ancient times in India, China and Japan. American sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson reenacted it in the West. Do you want to feel this method’s effects? Hold your penis firmly (at the root, or entirely) whenever you feel you are about to ejaculate. Your hard-on might shrink for a while, but it will be reborn like a Phoenix, as soon as you enter your…Love nest again. Practice squeezing during sensual caressing, or oral love-making. Once you get control over it, you can do the exercise during love-making proper.

Ever heard of the fractioned urination? It’s about very short jets, with a whistle stop pause between them. The pause needs to be long enough, and the contraction of the sexual muscles strong enough to stop the flow of urine completely. That will give you shudders all over your body, especially along the spine, and upwards. We’d better be careful about these shudders. If we fraction the jet for about 30 times each time we take a leak, in three weeks’ time that is sure to cure problems in the genital-urinary area, we will have an enhanced sexual appetite and virility, as well as a much better control over our own erotic energy. We wish you more than every success!

So we don’t have to enlist in the French Legion to prove we are men; we don’t have to work out a lot to impress a woman. If a poet’s heart beats in our chest, and Orgasman’s heart in our pants, then we can stand all the chances to achieve that!

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