Through Your Love,
Opposites unite in a rising stream
Existence and non-existence merge into the ocean of over-happiness
And what appeared as trivial, reveals to be divine
Only the one whose heart is alive
Becomes the Mirror through which God looks in all directions.


In the practice of amorous continence, love occupies the most honorable place. It is the ingredient that helps you succeed. It is the magic magnet that spontaneously, but effectively pulls our instinctual energies to the upper levels of our being.

Love is what makes the sometimes difficult processes of transmutation and sublimation, become more like a walk in the park. Anyone who really loved someone, at least once in their life, felt in the embrace of their beloved that the whole universe lay at their feet and everything, absolutely everything, then becomes possible. In the presence of love, the amorous act grows wings, and something that’s at anyone’s reach, turns into an invaluable gift for the few and chosen.

Throughout the ages, the men and women of this blue planet have never ceased to love, whether it was full of frenzy, sometimes with an unleashed passion, sometimes offering unparalleled tenderness and delicacy, pure and profound, full of compassion, or with great dedication. Every time, without exception, the mysterious energy of love infused the deepest nuggets of their soul, and from there, bursting into inebriating flows, flooded their beings with blissful, ecstatic happiness.

The mysterious energy of love never has, and will never have limits. It is endless like God the Father in whose Heart lies it’s sublime source.

Lead turns into gold, the banal turns into sacred. LOVE sanctifies the amorous continence. It is the source, the initiatory journey, and the destination of the one who has chosen the path of the sublime eros.


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