Only the one in whose heart throbs endless love, becomes the mirror through which God sees the world

Do you aspire to become a great champion in the sex sport category? Can hardly wait to mark another sex record in your personal guinness book? You are then sure to become anything but a tantric lover. Why? You are missing the main ingredient: LOVE.

You do not have to publicly confess, but it is almost certain that the amorous encounters you have experienced so far proved you one thing. Between a full night of sporty sex and some moments of kind meaningful love, you clearly choose the moments. The happiness of receiving and sharing love is far above however potent, powerful and virile you feel after an ardent but solely sexual encounter. In the embrace of your beloved, you feel the whole universe lay at your feet, and everything becomes possible.

Do you aspire to really learn amorous continence: the kind that makes a clear distinction between sex and the sacred eros? You only have a chance if you really learn to love.

Love inspires you to act, gives you strength and courage. It motivates you to overcome obstacles. It is the magic magnet that spontaneously but forcefully draws instinctual energies to the upper levels of our beings. In the presence of love, the amorous act catches wings, and turns something within anyone’s reach into a priceless gift for the few and chosen.

Tantra places no emphasis on the pleasure felt specifically in the genitals. The amorous fusion must lead to total orgasm, body and soul. And this can only happen in the presence of love. The erotic union goes beyond the barriers of the body, projecting us into a cosmic dimension.

When you truly succeed in loving someone, your whole being begins to relax deeply. In this new state of relaxation you will discover how easy it will be to keep your control even in moments when amorous arousal becomes gradually more intense. The experiences are amplifying. The amorous energy euphorically spreads from the genitals throughout the body. All the cells vibrate as if they were singing hymns to happiness. The orgasm is getting wider and rising higher and higher. The profound inner peace dissolves time in an endless moment. You become tangent with infinity. You enter into the heart of Existence itself, where you encounter the most beautiful and perfect you.

When you really love somebody, first you dissolve their outer shell. You permeate within them, you unite with this new form without form of their deeper being. And the more your love grows, the formless individuality which you have merged so far with begins to dissolve itself. It is the magical moment in which the gates of the realms beyond are opened to you. And thus, within your lover, ultimately you meet God.

When a man and a woman share a deep, intense and overwhelming love, new perspectives open to them, revealing them sacred dimensions of reality, that manifest even in the most trivial aspects.

Lead turns into gold, the banal turns into sacred. LOVE sanctifies the amorous continence. LOVE is the source, the initiatory journey and the destination, for you, one who chose the path of the sublime eros.

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