“When what is human
ascends higher to the stars,
and the High Heavens choose to descend
into Grace’s garment,
the place of their meeting
is in your heart.”

Can you stand up and confess about your love not being exactly profound? Or even admit that your love is sometimes superficial? Never! You’re not the only one who thinks that your love is simply perfect. That everything you do is great, and those who are wrong are always the others.

And yet, even if you are sure that love is not lacking on your side, how come that in the episodes of your relationships the jealousy, possessiveness, frustration, and envy still play the main roles. How come you do not identify them as such?

With a little effort of sincerity, you will come to the conclusion that there is still something to learn about love.

What is love? Or better yet, what should you not misidentify it with? Well that’s jealousy, envy, masochism, and the desire to possess the other person as if they were some object that is obviously yours. These are simply perverse inferior states that only poison the pure energy of love, and are the cause of bizarre reactions.

Love is not assured for life, not at all. It’s an adventure involving all the possible risks. That is why we require the willpower and the effort to overcome a whole chain of strange states of mind, created by our fears and limitations mixing unconsciously with love. It is a challenge that when it’s successfully passed, it will make you stronger and your love will grow and will flourish more and more.

Love is effort

Where do you start? Eliminate the bottlenecks, which, more or less consciously, you have acquired so far! Relax. For real. Allow your beloved to access your inner self. No barriers, no locks or closed gates. And you will see how you will never get bored of your relationship, because it will not be limited only to the contact between your peripheries: carefully crafted individualities created by society, family, and last but not least, by your own ego. Love is a rare flower that blooms only in places where there is no fear. It is a treasure that only grows when it is offered without reservation.

You may be surprised, but love can even eliminate your desires. They only appear in the barren realm of dissatisfaction and frustration. You only want what you do not have. When the wings love touch your soul, the whole world is yours. Existence is in suspension, and the only moment that matters is the now, without desires.

Choose love as your inner discipline. Nourish it with goodwill, care, and patience. Love is not frivolous, it’s not a matter of the mind, nor a simple satisfaction of the body. It’s an inner search. The magical gate through which you can truly reach out to the loved one that’s next to you. The truer and more elevated your connection is, the deeper in profoundness is your lovemaking, with increasing overflow of bliss and plenitude.

Love itself is prayer, meditation, tranquility, beauty, and it’s God.


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