Meet the Magnificent Seven

How many times have you been mesmerized watching your own image in the mirror, or thinking about who you are? When you were last overwhelmed with the revelation that you are a triumph of Creation? If you let yourself carried away in your own being, you will discover a mind-shattering secret: you hold the keys of the whole Universe.

Yes, you can open the gates of other dimensions anytime you like, it’s just that you need to know how that works.  Focus your attention towards the innermost part of your own being, and take notice of the fact that you are not the body. You say” my hand”, “my leg”, “and my face”. If all those are yours, that means you are their possessor, but you cannot be one with them. So what we need to do is look for something subtler than the matter, if we want to get an answer to that.

Have a seat on a chair, and give it a thought in a more relaxed way. Have a look at the chair. Touch it. It seems solid, but it isn’t. The chair you have just sat on is an amazing play of particles of light which vibrate, resonate and revolve in the mysterious and boisterous ocean of space. And this description is not advocated by poets or mystics. Quantum physics specialists say that. Matter, they say, is in fact energy encapsulated in the manifestation.

Even the things we call lifeless are actually perpetual and intense pulsations of energy. Still having doubts about what the esoteric tradition reveals about the human body?

The East speaks about 7 subtle nerve centers (chakras), 7 energy vortexes projected along the spine, outside the physical body, corresponding to the 7 plexus, known to western medicine. These centers provide the permanent information exchange between the human being and the Macrocosm; they are points where man and universe meet.

The first six have a dual nature: a receptive side – yin, lunar, feminine and an emissive nature – yang, solar, masculine. At the level of the crown chakra, Sahashrara, the human being transcends duality, regaining its inner unity. Let us meet these seven chakras together.

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