Meeting with Orgasman




Men dream to be superheroes and save the day like Superman,  Batman or Spiderman. Women on the other hand dream of someone else instead. He cannot fly, yet he makes them float in ecstasy. He is not a top fighter, though very skilled at delicately spanking their buttocks. He has never made a goal from saving the world, yet he is ready for the supreme sacrifice when it comes to his couple. He doesn’t have a special costume. He is naked most of the time. No, he is so “gifted” that you could play basketball in the shadow of his erection. He is just an ideal husband, boyfriend and lover. He is Orgasman himself, three times a man…


I once risked asking my friends « what is the no.1 quality of a penis? » The overwhelming majority confirmed my expectations: « a playful penis ». What does this mean ? that it doesn’t have to come from Giants’ Planet, it is not that important to have a thick bottom or a bulged head. The curve shape is not necessarily in top either. « It has to be always hard », a neighbor told me while smiling. And whenever we both want it, to be able to play « hide and seek ».
Hard, gentlemen ! Concrete. That is what the women expect (among other things) from the …strong gender. Virility. The more potent we are, the happier the women we love will be. How can we become erotic superheroes ? Well that’s a problem! We think we already are omnipotent and omniscient. The male ego does not allow us to accept that we still have things to learn. But the real world is our reality check. The surveys are disastrous: more than 50% of women have never experienced an orgasm. And thus, they don’t know Orgasman…
It is hard to accept the figures when it comes to personal records. By the way, how long does an average intercourse last? Between 5 and 15 minutes.

Do you know how long it takes for a woman to «get warm»? Experts say: 30-45 minutes. And this just the recommended time for the foreplay. What science does not say is how long lovemaking should last!
“All right, all right”, you will say, “each after their own strength”. Well, whose strength, ours or that of our women‘? Because they can have dozens of cascading orgasms one after the other, they live everything more intense, more refined, infinitely more nuanced…
This doesn’t mean that we cannot. Yes we can, and with ease. But to do this, it is worth accepting new constructive ideas. And, of course, to put them to practice.


Virility is not just about sex. The energy that fuels our desire has multiple roots: proper food, our emotional status, our thinking, our ability to love, our sleep and, why not, the way we use and cherish the sexual energy. And if we want our king penis to held the crown up til old ages, we need to learn the control of this energy. The ejaculatory culture in which we have been raised must leave way to this loving revolution. The art of prolonging the erotic pleasure – without losing the seminal fluid – for unlimited time, that is true virility.

This is Orgasman’s secret. There is no other way. Repeated discharge leads to weakness only. Andropause will enter our lives much faster than we would like, than we imagine. The stories about old men in their 80’s sexually active are mere stories. The statistics about impotence are explosive. Better not mention them.

So what do we do about premature ejaculation? What can we do about all these couples that break up because of lousy sex? What about the frustrations and complexes of many men? And not least, what about our wives, our girlfriends, our lovers? They have every right to reach the seventh heaven of orgasm. They have every right to discover themselves as women with our help… So let’s get to work, boys!

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