Mystery – The Secret behind Transfiguration

What is the secret that makes transfiguration work? What can prevent you from making it run as smooth as silk? It is the mystery. The lack of it, to be precise. It’s not possible to transfigure in absence of the feeling of awe, that the unknown is incomparably able to awaken within ourselves.

And how do we produce said mystery? That’s actually not necessary. Mystery is already present in all and everything there is. All you need to do is stop the habit of killing it.

How to proceed?

First of all stop changing your lover from the goddess you’ve once met, into your housemate. You’ll grow the impression that you know her so well that she won’t surprise you anymore. You’ll know all her habits, gestures, preferences. You won’t even notice and in your mind the idea that you know everything about her has insidiously installed. Bye bye mystery. Bye bye transfiguration.

Now you know what kills mystery in a relationship. Wouldn’t you want to know what sparks life into it?

Sages of all times answer unanimously: the silence.

It does not mean that from now on you should stop talking to your beloved. Just don’t talk more than necessary. You need to stop reporting all the trivial, mundane, daily whereabouts to her. And neither her to you. It’s not necessary to share all the minute details of your daily emotions, worries and schedules. Many people consider this so called transparency a proof of love.

However, the practice proves the contrary. This kind of relationship soon becomes the opposite of passion: it starts warm and it ends cold. Maybe that’s why there’s a saying that a long time relationship happens when the husband is somewhat deaf, and the wife is somewhat blind.

Do not become your beloved’s supervisor, monitoring her every action, thought and feeling. The chains binding such a relationship become increasingly heavy, until you need more than 2 people to carry them. And in the end, isn’t this a subtle form of control and manipulation?

If you consider that in this manner, with time, you blow your chances of being capable to transfigure, and be transfigured yourself, maybe you’ll agree that it’s time to change this attitude. Change it into a bit more silent and a bit more mysterious.

How? Avoid the insipid standpoint that you know everything and there’s nothing that could surprise you, and that no matter what you would do, that’s life, just routine and boringness.

If you realize the complexity and unfathomable splendor of this universe in all items within, the awe of mystery would overwhelm you, and transfiguration would follow naturally. For those who have begun to see with their hearts, beauty is everywhere they look, here and now, in every aspect, being or reality.

Look upon the world with the eyes of the superior being that is seated deep within yourself. Discover miracles where others see nothing special. Being aware of everything that occurs within yourself as well as in those around, you will trigger the mental switch that enables you to see the true colors of reality. You will make The Big Leap. To where? Right in the Heart of Existence.

God will keep overwhelming you with the splendor of His Creation, gradually revealing His grandiose presence. He will inspire you, embrace you, inspirit you, and reveal Himself more and more often in your path, to let you know that you can never, and nowhere find a place that could exist without His everlasting presence.


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