The Orgasm and Amorous Continence. Part 1


For centuries, people have been taught to believe that the eros, source of all the temptations, would only be related to decadence and sin. In spite of religious indoctrination, people have embraced it since the dawn of time in their own bedding. Each of them according to the best of their ability or knowledge: some with guilt, others with love, and the luckiest of them with knowledge and wisdom.

Even today there are many religions that still try to persuade their parishioners to avert themselves from the temptation of sexuality. But at what cost? Every being has been conceived by the bodily love of a man and a woman. So why should we deny sexuality the right to sacredness?

The ancient Oriental traditions say that the whole Creation was born from the total union of the Supreme Masculine with the Eternal Feminine. All the myriad of universes of this world are the fruit of the Cosmic Orgasm, which the two fundamental principles continually experience since the Beginning of All Beginnings. On a microcosmic scale, the human orgasm reproduces the Primordial one – an absolute state, a holy call that reconnects us with the Source of everything and all that exists. We return to God in the same way that we all come into manifestation.

Why not honestly admit it? Who wouldn’t  want to savor again and again “the little death which lovers love”, as Shelley, as well as the french, expressed it? Well, why does one do it? Because even the tiny spark type orgasm can not go unnoticed.

Orgasm is a crossroad. On the one hand, it leads to the instinctual unconsciousness of the spiritually dormant people. On the other hand, it offers entrance into the ecstatic space of consciousness, fully awake. It all up to you in which direction you go.

To find out everything on how you can get from a few seconds short orgasm, to multi-orgasms that last for hours, stay tuned for our next posts. Do not miss them!


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