The Orgasm and Amorous Continence. Part 2

Seminal emission orgasm is only for perpetuating the species

When it succeeds in creating a new life, the orgasm repeats the Macrocosmic Process of Creation on an individual scale. Do you intend to create a new life? Open the door of your orgasm to the creation. Allow your sexual cells to fertilize the garden of the world. But this should be the only case ever, where you allow ejaculation to happen.

So, you want to know how male multiple orgasms happen? It might be good to know first, how they certainly don’t happen. You need to become very aware of each and every stage of the ejaculatory orgasm, especially of the most important stage separating the two types of orgasms – the multiple, and the discharge one.

A common sexual interaction begins with an excitation phase that amplifies the sexual energy. The natural result: strong male erection, and abundant lubrication for the woman. This is the prelude. Excitement intensifies, you breathe faster, and your heart pounds hard. Erectile tissue inflates.

Then comes the tip of the whole experience: THE ORGASM. An experience impossible to describe in words. So intense, it overwhelms you like no other experience. Excitement originally located in the genital area, spreads throughout the body, rising up to the head. Voluptuousness floods your entire being, crossing the boundaries of the sexual area. No doubt… you are in paradise! ATTENTION !!! NOW is the crucial moment. You must not be overrun by the huge wave of pleasure. If you get swiped, you ejaculate!

You lose conscious control, then you will feel a series of reflex contractions of all the muscles that surround the genitals and the anus: pelvic muscles, anal sphincters, pubococcygeal muscles, prostate muscles, etc. These contractions, which DO NOT occur simultaneously with the orgasm but slightly behind it, cause ejaculation.

Men experiencing orgasm with ejaculation are subject to a real electrical blackout, a kind of disconnection from the energy source, followed by a false relaxation that is nothing but the result of exhaustion of the body. Any new sexual stimulation to obtain a new orgasm, is now science fiction, at least for a while.


How and what to do to avoid ejaculation, and to do better… in the next article.


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