The Yantra Pose



The painting of 50 cm x 70 cm is printed and painted in acrylic colors on a canvas chassis.

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The work is inspired from an 18th century Nepal painting, and it depicts two lovers of noble descent channeling their amorous energies in ascending direction. Their intention is awakening and amplifying the inner subtle fire, which is closely connected to elevated erotic passion, and the ability to transform amorous energies into other kinds, such as overwhelming love, generosity, and awareness.

The work, as the others,  was created using an spiritually initiated artistic process. Using this special technique the painting was impregnated with spiritual subtle energies that can be easily perceived by one contemplating it. These can be perceived when it is contemplated attentively, in a both mentally and emotionally calm state.

And when you succeed in viewing it like that, the painting now turned into a sui generis modern talisman will awaken within your being refined sensuality, pure erotic desire, affectionate impulse, the sublime state of transfiguration.

Both the used colors (dominated by red and green with some golden accents), and the pose assumed by the two lovers, are selected with the purpose of awakening in the viewers elevated states, induced from the awakening of the purifying fire within their being.

The interchange of shapes and colors, the symmetry of the bodies, the jewellery and accessories as context, all build to a beautiful visual composition. The red pillows enhance the beauty of the faces. The skin tone, a bit lighter on the woman, darker on the man, laid on the shape of their bodies that interleave harmoniously, symmetrically, offer rhythm and variation to the composition.

The principal states of this painting are the joy of being alive and making love, self-confidence, optimism, effervescence and a certain kind of inner strength that is closely connected to the subtle fire element.

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Dimensions 50 × 70 cm

Acrylic paint