It’s a Real Revolution, it’s the Sexual Continence

The Sexual Continence Revolution

You enter an empty room alone, place a guitar in a corner of the room, and sit yourself down in the opposite corner. Start humming a song. It doesn’t matter if you have voice for that, or not. It’s only the guitar that can hear you. Indeed, it doesn’t stay indifferent; it even starts vibrating. What happened, in fact? The instrument enters in resonance with your own voice.
Imagine the entire creation is an erotic game, where the masculine pole intertwines with the feminine pole, overwhelmed by love, all which is in the Universe is in fact a song expressing perfect happiness. Can’t you hear it? It’s natural, the physical ear is unable to catch such a sound. You need a much finer wavelength. Be very careful when you make love. Love, and not sex (sexual continence). Whenever you have an orgasm, you vibrate fervently to such a cosmic tune, just as the chords of your guitar do when someone is humming a song.

Sexuality is the resonation box of such a state of cosmic ecstasy. That is according to Tantra, an ancient teaching of the Orient. Tantric masters do not come up with ascetic techniques, nor do they preach a complete retirement from the world to attain the consummate self-fulfilment. What you need to do is to rein in the wild horse of your erotic energy, and you can discover a richness of experiences and feelings that can project you to another dimension.

Scientists have discovered that when the activity of the right hemisphere of your brain (intuitive, poetical, feminine) is in complete harmony with the activity of the left hemisphere (energetic, rational, masculine) the man experiences a state of divine fulfilment.. Whatever is fragmented in him becomes united.  When does such a state occur? Experiences conducted have proved that it occurs during praying, during the profound meditation and…while experiencing a state of orgasm. But if orgasm lasts only a few seconds, the state of beatitude consumes itself like lightning. When the orgasm lasts for minutes, and then for hours, physical pleasure becomes a springboard for something that takes you beyond the ordinary limits of everyday world.

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