Sahasrara – Happiness, Thy Name is Freedom

Here we are, ready to climb the last step! The level of perfection, Sahashrara, resides above the top of your head. When completely awoken, you experience the pure spiritual happiness, the unique flavor of the communion with the Divine. You get to live the blissful accomplishment of the Absolute Self.

Those who have reached such a level are greater than the gods on earth, and forever they live to be the sages of this mortal world. There is no shadow that can touch them. They are respected in the seen as well as in the unseen universes, in the form of the glorious incarnations of the Divine Supreme.

Also known as the “Lotus with as Thousand Petals”, Sahashrara bestows the genuine detachment and the access the super mental plane. Here you discover the Supreme Truth: All is One and One is All. Jesus termed this level, the Kingdom of the Heavenly Father. Here you live the supreme ecstasy known as Satori or Kensho in Zen, whilst Yoga terms it Samadhi. Whatever name you may chose to attach to this plane, it actually defines the ultimate liberation. Whatever you may call it, it is the experience of the unity of the contraries, of the complete fusion with the Absolute, with the entire Creation you can now transcend.
When the energies of this subtle level are blocked, the man is caught in the trap of materialism; he is confused, with small-scale beliefs. With no receptivity towards the Macrocosmic consciousness, the soul is blind and unable to understand the ultimate meaning of life, of the universe.
When the subtle energies of this center are blocked the human being is caught in the trap of materialism, confused, with little or no faith in life. Without the receptivity to the macrocosmic Consciousness, the soul is blind and can not understand the ultimate meaning of life, of the universe.

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