How to savour the erotic pleasure

TO BE SHARED BY BOTH LOVERS – Erotic Pleasure Secrets

Here you can find out what our lovers think, what they want, what exactly turns them into rapturous lovers.  Do you want to have a better communication with the male universe? You can communicate with it only if you can understand it. You can understand it only if you get to know it. This is a world craving for you, this is a world that awaits you, and this is an inviting world. Welcome aboard!
The Confessions of a Man Who Knows

“ The Big and the Only Male Orgasm” is a myth that only lives its dying days. “ The man’s “rabbit” style now her near cover the couple’s whole range of desires and aspirations, especially as there is no such thing as a style. It rather reminds us of a terrible rush towards the “Great End”. A genital sprint, ready to take the start only to finish off in a jiffy.

So why are things the way they are? Because the male orgasm has become synonymous with ejaculation. We fret about eliminating the seminal liquid, in the hopes we’re sure to get the reward for our 10, 15 minutes-effort. For us, sperm becomes the symbol of the maximum of pleasure, and also the pleasure guarantee. Everything is subsidised and guided by the sexual instinct that simply steals away from us an entire universe of refined erotic sensations. For a few moments, the primary Eros gains its momentum, a few muscular spasms, and then the rest is silence…

The silence of the man, and not the silence of the woman. Even if she doesn’t say anything then, if there any man who can avoid the flurry of accusations and grievances – not necessarily for erotic pleasure reasons – that occurs flowing the “time bomb” principle? For any reason, and anytime, the man comes under fire from the woman, just for trifles. Yet the frustration is not the woman’s only. The tribute the man has to pay for the very few moments of pleasure is a dear one: exhaustion, getting old prematurely, impotence, lack of erotic pleasure and affective fulfilment.

Yes, lack of erotic pleasure. Or do you know if there’s any man who can sound brash and brazen about those 5-7 seconds of orgasm being enough for him? Even f they may occur 3,4,5,6.7 times a night?…A night we obviously cannot afford having …every day. And as time goes by, the number of those 5-7 seconds bouts will surely be on the wane. Once a week, or even worse, twice a month.
Not to mention women, of whom most had never experienced an orgasm. Even a short, male-type one. There’s no way for them to achieve that. Everything happens too fast for them. Everything is so…of the flesh. Our obsession with the endpoint between the legs can in no way unleash the overflow of orgasm women are capable of. It takes a lot of love, openness and understanding towards what the feminine universe really is. It’s only then we can enjoy the fruit of the tremendously enhanced pleasure they, our lovers can offer us.

For that we need to take a little, yet crucial step: we need to renounce sex in the favour of the art of lovemaking. We need to give up on the fast discharge of energy, in exchange for having a delicate taste, with no time limits, of the overflow of short-circuits that shatter our being during orgasm.
Those from the East say:” You must live pleasure, and not consume it.” This complete change of mentality is our ticket to the Erotic pleasure paradise.

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