The Secret Map of the Pleasure Points

Can anything be more voluptuous than one hour of erotic massage?

…Well, TWO hours. Do you want to offer each other a realm of sensations?

Find out easy to use erotic massage places and points on your lover’s body. Express your love with these simple techniques.

It is worth the while to take a look at the courtesans’ boudoir, where lovemaking’s great secrets were kept. Courtesans have always known what and how to touch, to flare up passion. Relax deeply. Abandon yourselves to one another. Let your fingers speak. Melt in the caresses. The caressed one, but also the one exploring her or his beloved’s body with the massage. Use jojoba, sandal, patchouli or Ylang Ylang oils. These are exotic, mysterious scents, with an euphoric or aphrodisiac effects. Massage the hands one at a time. The left one, then the right one. The wrist, the palm, the fingers.
Do so with your legs. The sole, the ankle, with its Achilles’ tendon, as her there are a lot of points whereby the sexual organs can be stimulated: the point near the shinbone, 7-8 centimeters above the ankle, or the point in the middle of the heel. Perform the massage firmly, yet without causing any pain.

The Face Massage Works Wonders in terms of Eroticism

Here is a sensational method, a valuable heritage from Ancient China. Imagine the toe is your lover’s phallus. Kiss it, absorb it, and swallow it insatiably. Tease it with your lips; take it by surprise by swallowing it completely.
The man will feel the sensations spreading allover his body, up to the top of his head. According to reflexology, projected on the toe are two glands that bring the physical side of lovemaking in harmony with its emotional side. So use circular movements to massage the point in the middle of the toe’s cushion, as well as the one located slightly upwards, and to the right.

The face and the ear are rich in areas with a special erotic sensitivity. The face massage if profoundly beneficial for men who may run the risk of premature ejaculation, and for the women who cannot reach orgasm. Yet the massage of the face works wonders for us all. Massage the nose, the cheeks and the forehead with upward movements, and then massage the temples with circular movements. When you’re about to stop slightly pres the top of her or his head.

With your fists, press the areas above the kidneys, between thorax vertebrae number 11 and 12. Here the adrenals are located; their stimulation enhances women’s sexual vitality and men’s emotions. Continue with circular movements right in the kidney area, and with upward movements on either side of the spine.

That is sure to enhance sexual appetite for both of you. In much the same way as the massage of the inguinal region, or the massage of the area above the pubic hair. You need to massage each point long enough to get the results you wanted.  And instead of a hasty overall massage, you’d better perform a profound stimulation of some areas only.

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