Sexual Continence and Antiquity

Sexual Continence and Antiquity

The amorous continence was, and is, for the initiates, a sublime act in the natural order of things. Practiced throughout the centuries, it means above all harmonious, complete integration into the polar rhythms of nature. In fact, all antiquity is sprinkled with myths that support this fundamental truth: The amorous continence is one of the fastest and most fascinating ways we can reach spiritual perfection, and implicitly of finding the truly lasting happiness, that was destined to mankind.

Known today as coitus reservatus, amorous continence has been practiced since immemorial times. They say that when they wanted a child, the Atlantean women had to implore their husbands to persuade them to give them the seed. Almost all cultures, whether Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Druid or Mayan, worshiped sexual energy, knowing that it is the raw material for spiritual transformation. Life gives us life, and this must not be wasted in vain.

This article adds another piece to the fascinating puzzle of this amazing practice.


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