Swadhistana Chakra full speed ahead!

Did you know that crocodile fat is an excellent stimulator for virility and potency? Have you ever heard about the ravishingly aphrodisiac substances extracted from this huge reptile’s genitalia? Then you will understand one of the reasons why wise men of the East used this animal as a symbol for the energy center located above the sexual organs, Swadhistana Chakra. The alligator is versatile. It can easily take the shape of the environment he lives in, it has the power to seduce his prey with his gaze, devouring in the deep waters. So are the people whose energy predominance lies in Swadhistana chakra.

Here lies your sexuality’s and sexual impulses’ headquarters. In full command of the operations at this level is the verb” to create”. It is from this point that the taste and the imagination is controlled, as well as the refined sensuality and the socially mimetic attitudes. It is from here that you are finely tuned in to
Water’s subtle energies. Full speed ahead, and have a nice journey!

Perturbations at the level of Swadhistana gives vent to envy and a perverted form of jealousy. Have you ever seen a water ebb and flow? It’s just about this ebb and flow that Swadhistana bois up to, when its energies go astray. At one end, we get exaggerated emotional reactions and fluctuating states, dependency on sex and the obsessive attachment.  At the farther end, what we have is frigidity, impotence and even fear of pleasure. Such person is sour and gossipy.

The stepping-stone at the level of Swadhistana chakra is the feeling of guilt. But no worries, you have a host of techniques at your fingertips, breathing exercises, visualizing meditations – so that you can touch the state of balance at the level of Swadhistana.

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