The ABC of Tantra

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Here’s what you get:
1. A DVD with the movie The ABC of Tantra (108 minutes)

2. A Bonus DVD (114 minutes), featuring:
✓ Erotic clips that shed light on the refined eroticism, beauty and playful spontaneity of women
✓ States of multiple orgasms in couples
✓ Expression of tenderness during lovemaking with continence
✓ Amazing aural effects that occur during prolonged orgasms

3. One hundred-page brochure containing:
✓ Simple and efficient exercises to master the art of sexual continence
✓ Scientific explanation of the many benefits of sexual continence on the physical, psychic, mental and spiritual level
✓ Extended reading about the processes of transmutation and sublimation of sexual energy


9-12 working days for EU
15-20 working days for the US

The Shipping cost is €10

The ABC of Tantra DVD

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