Do you want to know what

makes you invincible, charismatic and above all, virile? It is the power of the lingam, the virile force to which you, like all the men on this planet, have access to. And yes, we all understand. Now that this secret has been revealed to you, your thoughts go to of how you will make love for hours of love with radiant, hard like a rock spear. Virility, this much coveted capacity is truly included in the immense wealth of benefits that the power of the lingam generates in those who have truly awakened it.

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The Power of Lingam, includes other powerful qualities that one should never overlook. The willpower increases until it becomes extraordinary, and with it self-confidence gets boosted. You will become the rightful owner of that ineffable feeling of strength that you could even move the mountains from their place…  of course, if that was really necessary. Add an enviable charisma for whoever feels for that, but does not know how to achieve it.

The power of the lingam, the virile force gives you courage and power. As a man it is more than necessary to dare and assume this power. Not only when you want to make love. Always. This penetrating virile force is the key to success in any endeavor you take. It fills you with charm and brilliance. It makes you radiant and very attractive for the representatives of the beautiful gender.

All good and well

… in theory. But, going practical, it’s clear that there are actually few, even very few men who actually use this formidable power, although it could be in fact accessible to anyone. Why so? So many men are afraid of being considered rude and uncivilized, and that makes them belittle their manhood. Little do they know that in doing so, they will lose many of the precious capabilities  that their virile member is directly responsible for.

This disastrous act of defeating their own virility brings them back to the stage of the mother’s boy. They maintain a rather empty and groundless hope that they will find the maternal love and understanding in a relationship. So they wait for the woman to make the first step. It is a self-castrating, shooting yourself in the foot attitude, that is destroying the sincere, passionate and masculine expression towards the woman you desire. Specialists claim that this clearly unfortunate habit is generated by the often suffocating and paralyzing love of the mother which, for the sake of being a good boy, many kids have chosen to endure. A series of unwise micro-choices made in childhood prevented them as teenagers from daring to affirm and express their own male identity.

Shyness and self-confidence are above all a mind trap that prevents you from gaining full access and control to your own strength and virility.

What can you do?

Even if it is difficult, especially at the beginning, it is necessary to summon your courage and face the resentments gathered behind this inhibiting feeling. All the steam and fury that you accumulated since childhood until now, requires you to simply become aware of it. Then you can be transform it into power, energy and consciousness.

It is essential to carefully analyze yourself, and then go face the world like a man. Let yourself flow with the yang energy that passes through you. As a man it is fundamental to reconnect to this force. It makes you become aware of the fighter within, the one who faces any challenge with courage. Such courage will allow you to open your heart and face your own vulnerability. You will again feel the inner strength, that bedrock energy that sustains you and makes you strong. You will feel good again in your own body. Full of energy, strength and self-confidence.


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