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You have decided: NO MORE EJACULATION!!! Your decision is firm and irrevocable. And yet sometimes, as you make love, the temptation to let your semen go insinuates irresistibly. The situation would not be so serious, if the unannounced visit of such ideas would not account for failures in controlling of ejaculation.

How come such thoughts still creep in? They suffuse without notice from the collective subconscious of the planet. If you consider that over 90 percent of sexually active men and women associate an amorous act with semen discharge, then you should not be surprised if a simple advertisement, a movie scene, or just a few phrases with sexual connotations induce you to ideas of ejaculation.

What can you do so that such ideas stop scratching the walls of your subconscious? To correct the way we are framing sexuality in our minds, it is necessary to discover the extraordinary response of your body, your psyche, and your spirit, to the profoundly transforming power of the sublime eros. Ounces and pounds of persevering practice is what will help you with that. Increasingly intense erotic experiences will gradually replace the temptation to ejaculate, with the desire to make the most of your precious erotic potential.

Those who are still experiencing such unbecoming tendencies are advised to follow a constant exercise for a longer period of time. Appropriate discipline will certainly help them achieve the much desired erotic performances in amorous continence. Yogic and Taoist practice offers them all the necessary means to successfully approach this sublime way of making love.

Once you have managed to completely free your mind from the obsession that you need  to ejaculate, you have true chances of becoming a magician of eroticism. It is only from this moment that you begin to truly know your own sensuality. And from this moment you are able to properly explore the erotic universe of the woman you love. Amorous continence is not just another way of making love – it’s another way to love. It gives freedom to the sacredness of the encounter between the two universal polar principles: the Feminine Cosmic Principle and the Supreme Male Consciousness.


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