Transfiguration – what is it, what’s it for – part 1

You feel uplifted by angelic inspiration. You speak in verses and could swear on anything that your beloved woman has just descended from the godly realms. You look at her and beyond her traits and qualities you distinguish a truly extraordinary being. If you have ever had such an experience, even for a few moments, then you know what transfiguration is.

Look deeply for beauty

Photo by Jasper Niko Garcia

It does not require effort. Or at least not the usual kind. It’s like when you first see a stereogram. You’re convinced it’s a scam. However, if you learn how to look at it, a wonderful three-dimensional image will emerge in front of you, going beyond the borders of the paper. You’ve entered a magical space. Behind meaningless appearances, one of the most valuable secrets of life has been revealed to you: transfiguration. A mysterious phenomenon that adorns reality with a sublime aura, filling it with magic, beauty and unexpected meanings.

When you get used to looking at a certain reality only in one way, it is very difficult, almost impossible to change your perspective. But the moment you succeed, you realize that the other vision, the dignifying one, was there with you all the time. It is a privileged moment when you cherish the joy of the one who knows how to look deeper. To transfigure.

What good is it to you?

It eliminates the routine. Helps you keep your relationship always fresh.

As you might have realized, the transfiguration is included in the divine package together with the grace of falling in love. But the moments are slipping away so fast, the radiance of the beginning’s magic moments pales as time goes by. She’s still the goddess you fell in love with. But it looks like she doesn’t have the same glow anymore. You float in a dream, you stumble in routine, and you suddenly fall back into the ruthless commonality.

What’s the solution? Constant Transfiguration! says the theory.

How do you apply it in practice? Especially when you are a novice on the path to amorous continence? And besides, you have no idea about the right time and place when this phenomenon of transfiguration manifests? The theory decrees again: you need exercise and perseverance.

Transfiguration does not simply fall in your lap. It grows and intensifies when you consciously cultivate it. Maintain constant attention to the qualities of your loved one, even when you are tempted to do exactly the opposite. Especially then. Such an attitude helps more than just discussing the flaws that are bothering you.

To be continued… here


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