Transfiguration – part 2

It’s time to bust once and for all the myth that the technique kills love. It’s like saying it’s sacrilege for soloists to practice daily. How else could they maintain their virtuosity, their mastery of interpretation? Are you saying that assiduous and persistent study kills their spontaneity? On the contrary. You show mastery when you manage to produce the art at will, not waiting until the pigs can fly and the mastery pops up out of thin air. To be able to convey joy even if you had just experienced sadness. To turn into peace and beauty, all that steam you have just acquired in a traffic jam. Such control is achievable through practice and exercise.

Both in the case of an artist who strives for perfection, as well as for a practitioner of amorous continence who cultivates transfiguration, thus connecting to the sublime energies of the macrocosm, perseverance and practice are miraculous.


Photo by JerzyGorecki

How do you go and actually do it? The easiest way is to flash back and recall, as powerful as possible, with full ardor, the magical moments you had in the beginning of the relationship. Transfiguration was so natural and effortless back then, you had the feeling that you could do it indefinitely.

Want more hands-on? Sit with the one you love facing each other. Look at her such that you have the certainty that she feels completely, how much you love her. “Affective contemplation of the other” is an extremely simple way to spark the magic in the relationship.

Look at yourselves as a whole. Two merged into one. One Soul, reflection of the same Cosmic Self. The exterior gradually dissolves. Thoughts disappear as if by charm. A deep silence embraces you. The only thing that matters is the present moment, capturing you in its all-encompassing mystery. From this now, the wonderful, sublime, and overwhelming love arises, revealing to each one his own divine essence.

Transfiguration is like a sui generis elevator for the relationship. It is the process that instantly connects you to uplifting energies, and it takes you easily from the ordinary to the ideal, from the mundane to the extraordinary. It is the magic mirror that reveals the reality in its archetypal, sublime hypostasis.

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