Vishudha Chakra – where purity becomes accessible

We take yet another step, and here we are on the 5th floor. The air is thinner and thinner, and more elevated, at that. Located outside the physical body, next to the base of the neck, Vishudha is the center where purity becomes accessible. The sense of hearing is controlled from here, and the archetypal element you are in resonance with is the Ether. Do you have aesthetic refinement and spiritual intuition? Are you creative, do you speak persuasively? That means that this center is truly active in your own being. So much the better! Cause at this level of subtle vibration you can have the paranormal control over the energy of time.

Here you can receive the free access permit to the universal memory archives, where you can read the past and the future. That is why the animal symbolically representing this center is not a real, but the white mythological elephant. This level helps us acquire the superior receptivity state; it helps us open up towards the divine inspiration, with all these being given back to humanity in sublime creation.

Here the main lesson is elevated expression, harmony. Whoever learned that lesson can manifest spontaneously and in an extremely refined manner whatever he feels and experiences, both in words, as well as in art form.  When Vishudha is imbalanced, the power of self-expression degrades; the human being loses its tenderness and equanimity of spirit, its purity. However, there are methods activating Vishudha both in its feminine, as well as in its solar, masculine aspect. All you need to do is to put those methods into practice…

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