Women and the Sexual Continence

What does it mean for women to practice Sexual Continence?

Most women are naturally, and spontaneously sexually continent. Even without knowing, and without understanding what is happening when making love, they can experience delightful pleasures of multiple orgasms without energy discharge.

Generally, the woman must pay attention and avoid the explosive energy discharge orgasm, which pushes the energies downwards, and generates uterine spasms. She can guide the energies of pleasure upwards, making them permeate her entire body, in continuous waves.

Energy discharge and loss, why and how it can happen

Women that have practiced autoerotism extensively, even though they are naturally gifted for sexual continence, will have some difficulties in controlling their sexual energy.

Their attention was mostly oriented to a superficial sensation, frequently focused in the clitoral area. Such women got used to experiencing a masculine type of orgasm. This is why, unlike women who didn’t practice energy discharge autoerotism, these women will require some time to learn how to control the sexual energy. It takes time, attention and adequate exercise.

One of the best exercises is known in Tantra as yoni mudra – the yoni (feminine sexual organ) gesture. The symptoms of explosive sexual energy discharge and loss can be removed by practicing this exercise.

Experiencing multiple orgasms

When making love with sexual continence, women can experience series of orgasms. Certain women, that are very erotically awakened, are capable of experiencing hundreds of orgasms in just one erotic fusion with her lover. Each time, the amplitude and depth of these intense erotic experiences, increases almost exponentially. After such an erotic fusion, the woman is full of effervescence and vitality. She has an extraordinary inner disposition to start making love again.

It’s no accident, that ancient texts have placed the woman in the initiation role on the path of love and love making. She is spontaneously sexually continent, and an extremely valuable example for men, especially in her attitude regarding love making.

Notice the odd place that the current western culture is giving for women, unlike the ancient oriental wisdom. No wonder that the practice of sexual amorous continence is almost completely unknown, when the keeper of this secret – the woman – was demoted by the modern society. Integrating the practice of Sexual Amorous Continence in our lives, is synonymous to giving women back what is rightfully theirs. 

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    The woman is a lot tougher than the man because of the way she is built and of her sex, just like the water is stronger than the fire is. The ones, who know how to make love without loosing control over their sexual potential, are like two cooks who know how to mix all the five aromas and make a delicious meal.

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