About Sexual Continence

The ancient oriental method that helps you explore a new kind of orgasm, leading to a peak of pleasure where there is no time limit.

What is Sexual Continence?

Do you want to learn how to live your precious life to the maximum? To know how to participate in it consciously, how you can truly and fully enjoy what your life can give you? Do you want to feel at one with the world, and to feel that each day is a gift, a celebration? 

There is a sure path that many thousands have followed for millennia. From the ancient, occult sciences, amorous continence is the ingenious answer to the issues of the modern man. It is the message through which the question of happiness is answered.

Also known as coitus reservatus, making love with continence has been practised in cultures across the world since time immemorial. It is said that when the Atlantean women desired to have a child, they had to beseech the man to give up his seed. Almost all ancient cultures, be they Egyptian, Indian, Chinese, Druid or Mayan, worshipped the sexual energy, understanding that it should be preserved, that it constitutes the building blocks of spiritual transformation. Life gives us life, and the seed of life should not be wasted unconsciously, and in vain. 
Much of antiquity is filled with myths that support this fundamental truth – that amorous continence is one of the most expediting and fascinating paths to spiritual fulfilment ever known to man. Beyond its reproductive function, the amorous act has the power to generate overwhelming sensations of pleasure, bliss and ecstasy. When lovemaking is practised with continence, love and transfiguration, sexuality is not a purpose in and by itself, but an art through which you can come to know yourself.


For those who are initiated, amorous continence is a sublime practice, in harmony with the natural order of things. It signifies harmony and complete integration into the polar rhythms of Nature.

What do our experts say?

MIHAI STOIAN – Tantra teacher

It is the message of the ancient occult sciences for solving the problem of happiness. It is the brilliant answer that science is offering to the modern man. In the case of sexual continence the orgasm is a state of endless multi-orgasmic experiences that do not end dramatically with an explosive discharge in the case of women or ejaculation in the case of men.

Dr. FRANCOIS PARPAIX – Professor of Sexology, Paris

Once again I think that it is ideal for the man to preserve his seed ? the sperm, and to experience only the pleasure without discharge.

When two people begin an erotic play there are several possibilities ? either everything happens quickly, triggering the orgasm with discharge and resulting in frustration for one or both partners, or ideally, the man? keeps his sperm. There are myths of ancient times? saying that when sperm is released, a fundamental part of our own energy is lost.

Dr. NATHAN WROEBEL – Professor, Faculty of Sexology in Paris

Nowadays it is very important to talk about sexuality because it impregnates all human relationships.

Dr. JEAN MARIE SZTALRYDE – psychologist, consultant analyst in sexology

Sexuality is not dissociated from love or from the feeling of desire.

Dr. SWAMI MAHALAYANANDA – psychotherapist

Modern society is wasting energy in unnecessary actions. If people would learn sexual continence they would be stronger and more profound, more harmonious. Their love life would be much more fulfilling.


Sexual continence allows couples who practice it to achieve a state of harmony, a deep understanding of each other. It is not just a sexual game but a profound fulfillment on different levels – emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Dr. MONICA DASCALU – Tantra Teacher

Sexual continence is a natural way through which we can harmonize all our sexual problems


During lovemaking the sexual fluids of the two lovers become effervescent, supporting the erotic states like a fuel, thus producing erotic bliss: the Orgasm.

Dr. DORU BODEA – Quantum physics expert

The latest discoveries in quantum physics show what ancient traditions have always stated: The energy is the substrate of the universe. From this perspective the matter is not different from energy. Rather, the matter represents a specific kind of energy.

Dr. CHRISTOPHER MONTOROLA – quantum physics specialist – Max Planck Institute

An ancient proverb says: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Brain science and especially physics confirms this truth: our mental perceptions, our mental constructions are defined, are refreshed by our perceptions. When the brain and the synapses are making this type of? connections it is indeed only your own experiences that will tell you what is good or bad, what is ugly or what is beautiful.

Dr. ANATOLE KERNFACH – quantum physics specialist – Max Planck Institute

The observer always affects the object that they see. When we measure something in reality, we do not realize this. However, in laboratory experiments that manipulate photons, electrons ? subatomic structures in short, the fact that the particle behaves exactly as one sees it, is verified.

Dr. ILAN Teodorescu – medical researcher

The amount of semen that is lost in a single ejaculation contains an average of 250 to 500 million sperm cells, almost double the entire population of North America. In other words one single ejaculation is a huge loss of sexual potential.

Dr. CRISTIAN ION – nuclear physics specialist

A single atom of our body stores a gigantic energy equivalent to 12 billion electron volts.


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