The ABC of Tantra DVD

“The ABC Of Tantra” Movie DVD

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What is sexual continence?

The ancient oriental method that helps you explore a new kind of orgasm, leading to a peak of pleasure where there is no time limit.

There is a sure path that many thousands have followed for millennia. From the ancient, occult sciences, amorous continence is the ingenious answer to the issues of the modern man. It is the message through which the question of happiness is answered.

The ABC of Tantra

The Mysterious Erotic Science of India Partially Revealed by the Famous Text Kama Sutra Offers a plenary state of pure and endless happiness to rapturously loving couples, through the discovery and exploration of the ancient and supreme secret practice of Sexual (Amorous) Continence

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  • I was already practicing sexual continence for two years when I lived a wonderful experience amid a state of total freedom and intense dedication to the Supreme Being. I was making love with my boyfriend, with transfiguration and sexual continence. After a few hours of lovemaking full of frenzy I felt something inside my vagina that was expanding and growing like a blooming bud. A great love flooded my soul, becoming more and more intense. I thought then spontaneously to the Supreme Being and I thanked fervently. A heat wave entered into my being through the head and it went through the whole body. Then I felt overwhelmed by a wave of divine love. I feel that the Supreme Being is everything and that everything that exists is because of Him. My boyfriend and I were no longer two, but one infinite heart, beating in unison with all that is.

    Giulia D Altri
    Giulia D Altri
  • While I was making love I suddenly felt that I was simultaneously both present in me and in my girlfriend. I stroked her, but it felt like I was touching my body, it was me there too. This perception was so clear and astounding that in the first moments I was scared and I wanted to return to the usual state, but the feelings persisted. I continued to exist simultaneously in two bodies (mine and my girlfriend’s) who touched and comforted each other. In about 7-8 minutes the whole perception vanished. I understood that there is something identical in all human beings, beyond the physical body and beyond the mind. In this way we have achieved through our own experience, the truth contained in the writings of traditional yoga teachings.

    Mark Allen
    Mark Allen Software Engineer
  • My first orgasm without discharge was completely unexpected. Nothing foretold what was about to happen. I started making love to my girlfriend. I stopped quite often to control and sublimate my energy. But at some point it all began to be easier. My girlfriend enjoyed a state of intense pleasure and watching her, I felt that she was becoming so much dear to me... I empathized with her and this was the triggering moment. I started living the exact states she had. It was a refined pleasure that was not only limited to the sexual organs but it was now invading my whole body; it was not that intense state of excitement that is usually so difficult to control. The feeling was more like of dissolution, floating, abandonment and refinement. At that time my girlfriend’s orgasm intensified like in an "avalanche", amplified by what I lived.

    Valerio Rodelli
    Valerio Rodelli Fashion Designer

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