The Spinning Pose



The painting of 69 cm x 69 cm is printed and painted in acrylic colors on a canvas chassis.

The painting is inspired from a 18th century miniature from Rajasthan.

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The work depicts a rather difficult amorous position, which requires some training, and gradual practical approach. The woman is spinning in a continuous and sensuous move on top of the man, and she is always being attentive to maintain the contact of the lingam and yoni. At the same time her lover supports her with his robust, strong and also flexible body.

The yin energy that coils around the axle representing the yang energy is the archetypal, universal model of the created universe – this is the subtle, spiritual message of the painting.

From an artistic point of view, the composition is well coagulated, supported and beautified with elements of visual language (dots, lines, mat and transparent color areas), the selected chromatic palette, the rhythms and variations of shapes and colors.

The work was created using an spiritually initiated artistic process. Using this special technique the painting was impregnated with spiritual subtle energies that can be easily perceived by one contemplating it.

We can say it’s a sui generis modern talisman (charm). When you know how to contemplate it, experiences of refined sensuality, pure erotic desire, emotional impulse, the sublime state of transfiguration…and many more awaken in the viewer.

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Dimensions 60 × 70 cm

Acrylic paint