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When we free our mind of the obsession whereby we need to ejaculate, then we have all the chances to become magicians of sexuality. It is only from that moment on that we begin to get acquainted with our own sexuality. It is only from that moment on that we are able to explore our lover’s erotic universe.
The first big surprise?  Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same. The orgasm precedes the ejaculation: it is true that they are one split second away from one another, but that’s how things are. The most intense excitation, the most intense pleasure occurs BEFORE the elimination of the seminal liquid. There is a key-moment is this story, a moment specialists have termed the point of no return. A very, very thin line separating the steep climb towards the pleasure peak from the fateful tumbledown of the explosive discharge.

How You Can Make Love Every Day
You fully deserve the Master title when you succeed to stay on that border area between the orgasm and the ejaculation, just as long as you want. And if you want to stop, eventually, there’s no need for you to cum. And why would you do it?
That’s what I’d call a real challenge for a real man: one single step forward, and you lose your energy; take on single step back, and you lose the intensity of pleasure. Only if you stay in the middle can you enjoy the indescribable sensations of orgasm, and that occurs not only for 5-7 seconds, but also for a few hours running (for those who perfectly master the technique). And that occurs not only once or twice a week, but also every day. How’s that to you? It sounds quite tempting, doesn’t it?

How to stay on the crest of the wave as much as possible
If you want to stay of the wave crest, you must need that badly for yourself. With the same amount of intensity you may have wanted to ejaculate, now you must want to avoid the discharge. If you do it this way, things are bound to be simpler, but more difficult, at the same time. Easier, as you’re sure to gain experience in the wake of your training, and more complicated, because if you don’t eliminate the sperm, the pleasure wave gets higher. The energy accumulates, causing sensations that get stronger, and stronger. The danger of failing down just like that increases. So, beware!

How to experience the orgasm all over your body
Do you want to experience yourself the sensation of the erotic magic? There’s one intelligent move you need to make. Whatever you feel at the level of your penis must be expanded at the level of your entire body, in your whole being. This is your pleasure getting global, if you like” to feel that orgasmic sensation in all the fibers of our being. We spot that sensation right there where it appears, and then we equally take it al over our body: in the head, in the hands and legs, around the chest. We maintain our attention in the hot area, but we do not forget to distribute the heat at all inner levels. If we always use this method, then we will no longer complain about swollen or painful testicles that may occur because of prolonged excitation.

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