Do you want to master  your ejaculatory reflex quickly and well? Yeeeeees, but how? You could ask me. By self-stimulation, I could answer you. You can smile with all of your face, because I’m sure you know very well what I mean. I don’t think there is a male exponent who has not experienced it at least once. But now you have to do it a little differently than before.

The purpose is no longer the pleasure, only the erection (kind of a #nofap thing). The erection must be kept for at least half an hour, during which you need to be as careful as you can. I am talking about the erotic sensations, not the worry that someone might barge in. It is preferable to practice this exercise when you are sure you will not be disturbed. So for your peace of mind, do not forget to lock the door. A good watch fends off inappropriate visits.

Now that you feel safe, you can start by lubricating your lingam. That amplifies the sensations. Then slowly touch yourself with patience. And if your old habit is about to kick in, DO NOT HURRY. You have no reason why, and you do not want to lose the precious creative potential, as in the past (#nofap holding strong). Remember to massage and stimulate the whole lingam, scrotum and perineum, including the million dollar point. Pay attention to how arousal is growing. Be aware of the tingling sensations at the base of the lingam, at the erection stages, and and your heart rate. When you feel an almost imminent ejaculation approaching, stop instantly. Better sooner than too late. Between the stop and the new start, wait 10 to 20 seconds, especially if you are a beginner. This is to make sure the ejaculatory impulse has faded out.

PC muscle contraction can be of great help. When? As you feel that you are getting close to the contractile phase of orgasm (that’s when ejaculation occurs) and the prostate begins to contract involuntarily. Why ? The PC muscle surrounds the prostate, through which the semen passes before it is expelled. A strong PC contraction will help you avoid the slide from contraction to expulsion. That’s where that vicious non-return point lies.

If in the moments when the tension increases you will remember the abdominal breathing, then you will certainly manage to suspend your ejaculation, and even maintain control over the arousal rhythm.

In addition, together with self-stimulation, it is a good idea to simultaneously massage the external point outside the prostate. Where to find it? Between the testicles and the anus, exactly where the two eight-loop-shaped loops of the PC muscles are crossed. The first loop encompasses the base of the penis. The second one surrounds the anus. Firm and rhythmical pressure on the prostate will trigger your erection, while its strong pressure for a longer time will help prevent ejaculation.

Do you notice a viscous secretion in the moments of maximum arousal? You’re on the right track! Long-awaited orgasm awaits you at the end. On one condition: practice daily for at least two weeks.


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