An unexpected ally – Intermittent Urination

Control your sexual energy

Pre ejaculatory signs are the yellow traffic light. They are warning you ahead of time, so take advantage and apply everything that you have learned… all you have to do is persevere.

For that purpose, a method that was tried and tested for effectiveness in controlling the sexual potential for millennia, is: intermittent urination.

This procedure implies contraction and relaxation of the urinary sphincters while urinating. The exercise gives the ability to control the genital mechanics, and increases the awareness of the processes that occur during a discharge. Thus, the discharge event can be anticipated, and more importantly, avoided completely.

Recent medical research claim that we can easily master the sexual function, (and therefore sexual energy), if we develop a habit of control over the urinary function. The embryo, up to the 4th month, has undifferentiated urinary apparatus and genitalia. They develop later, from the same tissues. Aging men that loose the sexual vigor, also begin to loose control of the urinary process, or suffer of prostate conditions.

It is well known that men that have lead a hectic sexual life, with frequent ejaculation, are prone to develop prostate conditions, urinary incontinence and renal infections, in a much larger percentage than those who rarely, or never ejaculate (the case where they practice amorous continence).

The following two simple procedures greatly help in controlling the urinary function, and implicitly the sexual potential.

The first method is simply intermittent urination

We urinate with short little squirts, with a couple of seconds pause in between. The pause needs to be long enough, that the squirt is completely stopped. Shivers in the body will occur, especially after the first few squirts.

The shivers along the spine represent the energy that results from urinary potential transmutation, a process that is triggered by the urinary sphincters contraction. Ancient texts mention that this energy shall be visualized and directed upwards along the spine, up to the forehead area.

A second method involves short retention of the urination

When we feel the need to urinate almost stringent, slowly relax the urinary sphincters, but then firmly contract them again, before the urine ever leaves the bladder. This method requires skillful control. That’s why, at first, it’s a good idea to practice in the bathroom.

It’s easy to perform, and the results are miraculous: amplification of the vital energy, power of control over the sexual energy, increases willpower, rejuvenates the whole body.

Sexologists propose that if we perform 70 squirts per urination, for 3 weeks, many conditions and dysfunctions in the urinary-genital are we will improved, and our sexual appetite will consistently increase.

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