Most certainly you don’t know this secret of sexuality


The wise agree that there are two ways to make love: the instinctual way, which is predominantly dominated by the basal sexual energy of the human being, and the lovemaking that awakens and amplifies that unstoppable impetus towards the absolute, that helps us experience the overwhelming love experiences and become tangents with infinity.

If you read this article, you most certainly want to get out of the tag of those experiencing sexual encounters branded by rudimentary polar approach, and that means you should be aspiring to find the true secret of immortality: to rise to the supreme heights. The launcher: that unstoppable impulse to the absolute, lovemaking.

Discover the true passion. A passion that elevates from the human condition to the godly one, blessing your being with the most exquisite spiritual gifts, and with a state of lasting and overwhelming happiness.

To conclude, do you want to have a much richer and a most pleasing love life? Read on …

The secret of sexuality

The ancient sages have discovered this secret thousands of years ago. Psychology recently rediscovered it when it determined a clear distinction between sexual and affective-erotic behavior.

Yes, the secret lies in the magic that sparks when the arising feeling has its roots in the attraction of souls, and that later awakens the erotic attraction. The tantric ancients called this manifestation kama – elevated erotic aspiration, and Plato called it the eros. Yes, he is the one who gave it superior meaning.

On the opposite side, we find the attraction based on the reproductive instinct, the sexual instinct, a manifestation that tantrics have called Shukla. This term actually designates a man’s sperm emission for reproduction. And this manifestation is clearly the opposite of the ideal of amorous continence.

Therefore, what we need to do is to always choose the affective-erotic behavior when we make love to our beloved. Avoid the instinctive impulse, Shukla, which is strictly indicated for the purpose God meant it for. That purpose is to conceive children. And how many children can you raise in a human life? (hint: that’s the limit of how many times you are meant to ejaculate in a lifetime)

Discover the pervasive paradise of love! Detach yourself forever of the inferior tendencies of sexuality, ascending to what is sublime, immortal, divine! Choose kama, affective-erotic behavior every time you make love, and you will not have to wait long for results.


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