69 is Also The Best Grade He Can Get In Paradise

Some people wonder if there’s life after death, others if there is oral sex after marriage. This is a conundrum many men would like a downright Yes for an answer. Of course marriage does not necessarily mean official papers signed at the Town Hall, but a steady couple. And it is true some women do not go down on their lover very often. If your lover also shies away from doing that, you can melt the ice between you being the first one to regale her with rapturous foreplays in which you explore her sex. If you take her to the top with voluptuousness and happiness, it won’t take long before she is be the one to reward you like a queen. Be tender, imaginative, full of passion, and passionate at the same time. First kiss her eyes, her lips, and her neck. Move slowly forward, just as if you had the eternity at your fingertips. Be present in every touch, in each hot breath that surprises her in the most unexpected parts of her body.

Kneel down at her feet. You adore and worship her. Bring her legs apart with fascinating movements, open her thighs wide, and behold the mystery no man can ever grasp completely. That secret area waits to be caressed through a simultaneous massage performed with the lips, the tongue and the fingers.
Bring the kiss on the lips to your mind, as your lover’s sex has two lips and a tongue. Gently squeeze the labia with your fingertips, carefully bring the labia together, and kiss them as if you were kissing her upper lip. Now bring those meaty petals apart, petals your touch has already set ablaze, and enter the vagina with your tongue, while your nose, cheeks and lips move circularly. You stop, and keep your tongue still between her two labia. With your tongue penetrate the vagina, and get the nectar gush out of it.

You press your mouth against the moist mouth of her sex, and then kiss her deeply, lovingly, powerfully biting and sucking her clitoris. Lift her buttocks as you’re exploring her navel with the tip of your tongue. Now slide down again, plunge in her powerfully, and drink the water of love.
Raise her legs and put them on your shoulders, tear her apart with your tongue, keep on sucking the slit of her vagina. Play with her clit. Soft, tender touches, rich in saliva. Besiege the clit from all positions.
Gently strike the clitoris with your hardened tongue, and then lick it silky, sweet and gentle. If you start giggling and humming between your lover’s labia, the mouth of her sex will start vibrating like a tiny violin box. If you sigh and moan in her vagina, while you’re licking and caressing her, you’re sure to bring you lover to ecstasy.
Your lover’s sex completely offers to your mouth’s restless movements. Simultaneously, her other mouth feels and breathes the other sex.. YOUR sex. You are united in a kiss you don’t know where it starts and where it ends. Either of the two bodies is at once kiss and mouth, sex and penetration.
Before or after no longer exist. Before and after melt in the kiss of now.

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